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Nancy Meyers Classic the two hour and 17 minutes, the holiday And now instead of enacting her revenge on me, the person who assigned it to her she will enact her revenge on Alexis. Yes, I've got a couple of good things about this movie number one. It has Toni Collette and Adam Scott in it. I know what you're doing. Okay? Yes, And the second thing That's good is that it's an hour. Were in 38 minutes, Alexis. Thank you. Don. Actually there's another, huh? There's a third thing that's good, um, the visual effects in the makeup department. They went on to do. Guardians of the Galaxy Elite A battle angel and they're from Weta Workshop, which is the Lord of the Rings People. Okay, So the creature in this looks really good. It's 2015 starring once again, Adam Scott and told me, Colette It's Krampus. Here's a little bit of the trailer Krampus. It's about a boy who has a bad Christmas in the accidentally summons of festive demon to his family home to stage cars. No people in my soul trying to settle something for us. Get yourself together much dark, ancient spirit. Close. Oh, Alexis, You're just gonna absolutely love Krampus. Oh, wow. You know about Krampus. I didn't know there was a whole movie and they're so happens movie with those mean Pretty good stars there. Toni Collette and Adam Scott. Yeah. Mm. Oh, lack quality theme, too. I'm already scared. Okay, okay. Just can see his nose and the warts and stuff you are gonna have so much fun. Lex. Have you seen this? Yes, I have. She is. It's 11. Right? Have a lot of fun. I can It says that you have to. It looks like you have to rent it. Okay, uh, maybe on prime or something. I thought it was on who? Lou, But I apologize. It's all good. It might hold on a minute cramp. Is it on? It could be on like I think it might be who Lulu added Subscription. Jason, Do you see it on your hoo loo? I'm looking for right now. Krampus the movie. Let's see here. T stand by stand by investigating this of investigating Open in just his voice to watch opening who blew who? Okay? Hold on a minute when I see but, you know, remember last time don't you have like, ultimate who? Lou That has all the TV subscriptions with it, Jason, So I think it might be associated with the network..

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