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We were endless hours to make sure that when we delivered. So you fact it's a fact. Shepard Smith on Fox News channel real news. Real honest. Opinion, WCBS news time, eleven three. I'm Michael L E, and the six eighty WCBS. Marilyn news center. Three Baltimore City department of transportation employees have been fired after fraud allegations surfaced the city's inspector general said tips to the hotline led to a crackdown on city fraud and citizens are seeing people trying to take advantage of the system, and they're calling her office to investigate a five thousand dollar reward offered by the FBI for information leading to the arrest of four Bank robbers responsible for twelve Bank robberies. And Baltimore City Baltimore in an Rondo counties. Investigators believe they hit the Columbia Bank. North Baltimore's village square. Saturday around two Maryland state police say a plane crashed in Chris field Saturday morning about six hundred yards off the runway at Chris field regional airport. The pilot Dennis Shaw called his wife and while Thome after the crash he was taking a peninsula regional medical center with minor injuries. Police found two dogs in the plane, one had died a fifty four year old man died yesterday after his vehicle ran into a utility pole in Pasadena near mountain road and lakeshore. Dr Anne Arundel officials say fifty five year old woman was injured seriously Saturday, while she was riding her bike and Harwood. When a deer structure on Owens, Ville suddenly road of briefly sports, and your Weather Channel forecast is next. Hi, I'm Bob Papa with elite remodeling dog days of summer, here, we let the winter and spring fast without protecting our largest investment. We make the home last year..

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