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CB well a couple of surprising things on I mean truly shocking things I was going to knock me over with a feather Janna bash over a check on the lous are very complimentary of waterfront what ha what's important what so we have time to play the it's interesting because what you have is on the political scene for just a moment it's very difficult to run against the president in a wartime footing all right now just is right and that's what we're seeing here sorry to John is not a newsmaker hotline is a state senator Justin ready as the General Assembly journeys for now it was for a full session coming up in may senator are good morning welcome back to the show thank you for having me on guys it's our pleasure so I think the big headline out of the session is coarsely final okay to this car when but commission this education bill that it good then I don't see that six Republicans voted for this yes in the Senate they did I did not I voted against it I there were a number of amendments made to the bill in the Senate that that tried to address some of our concerns I didn't think they got where nearly far enough and and I voted against it I think some folks I like the fact that they put in a a one year breaker so every year if the budget budget projections are below a certain level at the space specially the budget is in decline for demand my were bring in they can revisit the issue every year the state budget yeah state budget budget or is that that wouldn't stop the general to me from raising taxes to fix it so that's why I still felt like even though that's good that they gonna revisit every year originally the plan was it could be ten years on auto pilot so now they can revisit every year but to me revisiting it could just mean they're gonna help we need to raise taxes what's the baseline on this I mean if you're re visited depending on the budget I can start on but the it's that seven percent decline next year if it's seven percent or more glass than were proposed to be bringing in I think that's the exact language of it then then then it would be it would trigger a that the formulas check it did until automatically continue to be long you can revisit we're not simply incentivize you guys to anticipate wait way more so you can say no it didn't go down seven percent against the baseline of the previous year if you get the base on the previous all right but I mean I voted against it because I don't I mean even though I think that is at least some level of of of check it but my concern is there still not nearly that level of discipline related assurances of protection for teachers in the classroom as far as being able to remove unruly kids again it's a massive expanding expansion that I believe while I'm not against spending a little bit more public education if if we can have accountability we were sort of putting us on top of the current sort of rotted structure of accountability and and this is the system of public education needs to change I don't think that this is not get the job done and instead dramatically increases spending so that's why that's why it was as if those spending is worked like magic and in the past we're talking a state senator Justin ready and took to me though is it not legislative malpractice to pass a bill of this magnitude and and not funded and not have a mechanism to pay for yeah I I I think that's the other thing that that made it that now they are passing you know under under cover of darkness last night they passed a massive increase on on cigarettes and aping and also did they created a new digital advertising tax that that they say will be paid by the big Facebook's of the world but we only know how we all know how taxes work a trickle down so that that doesn't come close to funding the whole matter does add hundreds of millions of dollars of potentially the state's coffers if attacked then act and I and I can't believe we would consider I and I spoke last night against this bill I said you cannot I can't believe we would consider raising taxes of it on anybody even if even if you think cigarettes are bad or whatever I yeah that that's a hard working and poor people the most as moke you're gonna jacket that they've increased attack this bill increases the tax on cigarettes from two dollars a pack of three seventy five a pack which I think is outrageous at the end of time when our economy may be heading into a very difficult period especially for retail that I just that's how they're trying to pay the difference yeah they want to raise taxes it's amazing in the divisions of stunning now yeah well it's it's interesting because my wife works for the American cancer society and I'm quite sure they'd be quite happy with the nobody smoking cigarettes and nobody vaping but to target one segment of the population of four what sure seems like punitive taxes you're gonna go from two box three seventy five that's almost doubling that tag yes yeah and that it was actually I mean I think we succeeded they were trying to raise taxes on on like some other areas of tobacco that some of them some of them stayed and some say that the builder tool giving is raising tax on vaping angel my attitude I I don't think anybody should pay for smoke cigarettes number for it but but escaping and and and both the open circuit and closed circuit system the vaping and they distinguish that the law a date those are things that people used to kind of get off of his cigarette so I will be one of Jack taxes way up on that it just doesn't make any sense because that's where the money is and well I guess you're right I mean they were trying to yeah if you guys have served I know covered the failed state the whole sales tax right the bottle that thankfully we feel that we were able to feed so that we keep hearing that the luxury tax again with the the some of the luxury services are going to get a tax that that pass added not path and I believe that is that that is dead as far as I know the Senate is not going to pass that okay let's at least some good news of this the general I mean it would prompt up we were able to defeat but there's also a lot of things moving forward that live oaks an emergency center a lot of furniture set up over the background checks on the on the private sale and the gifting of long guns but that's that's a fate accompli right that's not a long well yeah that past that we have so we had hoped that that might get hung up because the house was insisting on adding in even if you borrow your friend's gun which the ATF is told us they could even enforce that if they wanted to out of the week the Senate version that that would I think we pass I opposed it of course but we we passed a version that only deals with private sales and transfers which is still bad I mean it it it it did pass the house yesterday in that person so now it's going to the governor's desk however they did not the house of delegates did not move the crime package that we passed out of the Senate bipartisan crime package that would added penalties to people who repeatedly use guns and crime so to me why we would want to try to penalize people and and create barriers for people who built by the law to sell upsell their friend a shot gun but we're not going to make it a felony to steal a hand gun I it's beyond me so mind boggling are out of time this assortment senator will have you back here in may for a special session thanks for joining us thank you for having me Justin Reid a forty three from the corner on the verge of the update the king.

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