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A top number three. Number three. Who's number one David will once again had seventy one. Yes, he did clippers in nineteen Ninety-four whom I be number two ice ice down. Without that, George Gervin nineteen seventy eight sixty three against the New Orleans jazz, lots of finger rolls and Alan most of those were jump shots in that game. Lamarcus Aldridge fifty six last night. Good company. There's a tie for fourth fifty five points in a game, and George Gervin and Tony Parker. Tony knock down fifty five in a game in two thousand eight tied for six Tim Duncan who had fifty three in a game in two thousand one and some guy named ice. Fifty three in a game in nineteen eighty so twice in one thousand nine hundred eighty one game is had fifty three in another game. He had fifty five. I don't remember who Tony's was against or Kinney's or Georgia's what we'll ceiling find out and following the fairness act. We also need to point out that the king of triple doubles. Russell Westbrook had another triple double last night. First person in NBA history to have twenty four points, thirteen rebounds, twenty four assist. Wow. Twenty four assist. Wow. Isaiah Thomas in nineteen eighty-five had ten rebounds and twenty plus points in twenty plus assist, but only ten rebounds, and my favorite moment. From last night was the tweet from Quincy pond, Dexter of the Santa. Antonio spurs. Most of you probably have not seen it. Here is Quincy's tweet from last night. Not a bad night me and lamarcus Aldridge combined for fifty six points. W. Yeah. Because Quincy had zero Sean Hannity's morning minute near earworm Friday morning earworm coming up hunters. Are you a native new corner protein Vader? Check out the all seasons failures staying in fail failures up perhaps the best deer blinds around are the feed sink remote. It's new for twenty eight team. This is an app operated. Fater emotes that allows you to set off your failure with your cell phone from up to one hundred fifty yards away. No WI fi or cell service required. Find everything we hunters need at all season, feeders dot com. Checking.

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