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Um, all right. My, I just want everyone on that offense. I don't fucking care guy. Who is it? Hi Fitz. The Eagles backfield of the cheese receivers. Like I just feel like I'm playing a slot machine and I'm just like soullessly staring. I'm like, well, one of these hats, Patrick Williams led the NFL in passing yards last year. How is there no one other than Travis Kelce? Eagles have the best O-line. How would none of these running backs work? I feel crazy and I'm not going to get the right person. I don't care. I just keep taking them. Craig. Chargers. I think we're really underestimating what not having broken ribs will do to Herbert and what not having a first round left tackle will do to the O-line and what Kellen Moore will do as the offensive coordinator. I think this is the ultimate post-hype team. Hmm. Love that. Well, but they're the first round pick that they took the receiver, Danny. Um, not, not like an awesome preseason for him. It doesn't seem like he's going to play right. Well, if he plays not that much. Quentin Johnston. He, I think he was up and down. He had some exciting plays for sure. He had a couple of drops, couple of plays, and this is, well, this was on his scouting report. You know, he's a little bit unrefined, but he's so explosive, so tall. So, you know, he's just a big, tall, fast guy. And sometimes these guys take a little bit of time, but I, you know, he will play, I think. I think there's an alternate universe where Mike Williams is hurt by week three. Keenan Allen looks like he's 40 years old and Ekor gets dinged up. And then by week seven, everyone on Twitter is doing the, can't we just get Justin Herbert a good team. And we're doing that whole thing. I think that's there is sitting there too. Um, my, I just want everyone on that offense. I don't care guys, Dallas Goddard. And there's a lot of good stats for him last year when he played. And, uh, you know, everybody gets excited at tight end about the same four guys and I think he's just kind of lurking underneath there and it's just fun to have an Eagle. Did you pick one DK? You did, right? Yeah, I got one. Uh, I haven't gone yet. I got, I have the lions because you can go down the line in terms of the different rounds or whatever. I'm on Ross St. Brown, Jamere Gibbs, David Montgomery is the guy I'm choosing here. And then Jamison Williams late, you know, they have a couple other guys, Samuel Porter, their rookie tight end. I'm excited about, I basically want everyone on this offense and I, you know, David Montgomery to me is a guy that's totally forgotten. Um, you know, just in the fantasy world, people don't talk about him cause he's boring, but he's going from one of the worst offenses in the NFL last year in the bears and he's going to one of the better, highest scoring offenses for the lions. And I think he could really be, just be like a really good value. I don't necessarily think he's going to be a number one running back, but just be a really good value for you. All right. My year too early, fuck it guy who last year I think we all had George Pickens. Who do you have Ifas? Uh, Luke Musgrave, the tight end for the packers, the running, the running bit is, you know what? Rookie tight ends. They're never good. You can never expect anything out of them, but this year, this is the year it's everything different. And we've made a blood pact on our fantasy football show where if the rookie, if the historically good rookie class of tight ends, if these guys are in it, we'll never do it again. But Luke Musgrave, they're talking about him like he's the second coming. Like there might be three Travis Kelsey's between him, Darren Waller and Kelsey, but I mean, again, all the usual things where you're out on a guy, Luke Musgrave, he's going to play, but he's going to play. And I think he's going to be incredible.

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