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L. L. this is this is just something you never even on your worst nightmares think it's going to happen to somebody is well known as popular as as basically a guy who's so talented in the NBA so talented around the world you mentioned that in your comments she was an icon a cultural icon I I you know places in China or boarding right now all over the place and for several different reasons really Kerr dune joining me right now on CBS sports radio in Randy for those not around the Lakers on a daily basis not in LA I know Kobe still very visible around the team but what it well how would you describe the the the sort of the the role that he is there he had kind of settled into as far as the team goes as far as the tapestry of Los Angeles sports in basketball would go well it is their right call a phase two well I mean Kobe the player is we knew had decided you data not you finished with sixty point sixty one points in its final game as a Laker he moved off and he was someone involved in the reshaping of the Lakers front office over the last year you he had gone on to his daughter phase two of his life you've got involved show business is with his production company he had gotten involved with music he had gotten involved in his kids lives the random Bob yeah are you use in Orange County guide but we put the academy at thousand oaks in fact that's where he was going with his daughter and another family you gentlemen who was the song of the baseball coach at orange coast college he and his wife it's our fault that helicopter ride to go to a practice out of the can I valley so Kobe was well entrenched in doing what everybody yeah what they want to do with their lives you just so he was already entrenched in the next step yeah sorry I jumped into your phone was cutting in and out there any subs are starting to talk to fill air if it sounded weird to you so ready Kerr dunes sports director can extend seventy joining us on the program and that the what he was doing today he was going to coach's daughter today basically Kobe had really settled into a role as a as a father out there can you describe for the audience kind of just I guess what what they do what Kobe's daughters meant to him and what the family structure was for him and just how important they were in his life I thank you basically them at everything to all it was part of him now no longer being involved in the every day of being an NBA superstar he was with his daughters all the time he was denigrating itself a lot of them a couple of the more real basketball fans you take the big games he was around a lot more I think you worked on his marriage I think that was also something that was quite obvious and things are really seem to be really settling down for Kobe is the approach that excitement of his life reeker dune sports director of KNX in ten seventy join me at CBS sports radio Randy just on tonight in LA I'm I'm just curious you know it's it's purely from a from a logistical standpoint I know that they're a lot a Laker fans who have been coming out to to pay tribute and mourn Kobe Bryant and the Grammys are going on tonight at staples center have there been logistical issues in Los Angeles tonight with respect to any of the the the the outward grieving of Kobe Bryant some of the other events going on in town I think so police to caution people actually pleaded don't come out the staples center because they're all the streets were closed down for the most part for the Grammys anyway so people still care about they wanted to be in your stable that are they wanted to be near or where all those memories of Kobe were also at the crash.

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