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They were but the really key play i think was atlanta was up sixteen to ten and i wanna say they lined up matt brian for fifty six yard field goal and he made it to go up nineteen to ten if he'd missed the kick the rams would've got the ball back down six in good field position it takes a lot of guts to to go for a feel go like that and and matt brian is asia's so many it seems like every year that guy's making clutch kicks in the playoffs he is he's he's he's lewis and timeless the reason i uh love that were turned out to be a pathetic pick of the the team total overs the highest scoring team the nfl is like oh he's going to the super bowl last like seven years or something at least give you the conference title game and to your point why agreed with you the coaching advantage i thought i thought they'd be fresh and all that good stuff rams are just showed their inexperience look you there's like fifteen different reasons were everybody's gonna pick one thing that kind of resonated with them i thought for the moment felt bigger they didn't feel is like fluid in chill but it is what it is i agree with you doug i think that what you just said was the biggest thing that they they most of those guys had never been in a playoff game they didn't choke i'm not saying that but they weren't quite ready for that stage whereas for guys like matt ryan who was old hat they do this every year and they were much more ready to handle that stage speaking of a team that's certainly been on that stage every single season it seems the patriots hosting the tennessee titans was one of the more improbable comebacks i would say uh new england about a thirteen and a half point 13th thirteen has point favorite uh across town how doesn't look like a lot of action on this game.

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