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Green. Rhode Island's congressional delegation got together on Monday to publicly urged the president to end this partial government shutdown the bluer than blue senators, Sheldon Whitehouse. Jack Reed Representative David Cecil Laney Jim Lange of and appearing with union reps for federal workers, including TSA officers and air traffic controllers in the news press conference at Tf green airport yesterday. The governor is proposing legalizing recreational marijuana she's going to have these state of the state address coming up tonight. And apparently this proposal being treated with a bit of caution. Amanda milk bits. And today's Providence Journal says the new AG and leaders of the general assembly reacting with a bit of caution to the governor's proposal, the legalized recreational pot attorney general Peter Neronha saying on Sunday that the proposal is going to require strong regulations to protect public health and safety and prevent kids from accessing the drug bungee article calls for spending about three point five million to get the recreational business up and running with taxes on customers at about seventeen percent and taxes on licensed cultivators supplying the product the state anticipates about fourteen point three million in gross revenues by the end of the fiscal year, twenty twenty what do you think about that proposal that's poll question for today poll question is back after taking a break from the holidays? You can log onto NewsRadio r I dot com should. Legalized recreational marijuana. Yes, or no, if you wanna leave a comment go to the Facebook page for the program, the government shutdown continues, the partial government shutdown and daycare owners are offering free childcare to coast coastguard families hit by the shutdown if she analyst judo from eyewitness news you've ever had to pay for childcare percentage of your paycheck likely wet straight toward it possibly putting thousands of families where currently working without pay in a difficult position..

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