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Week, there have been 79 community outbreaks. San Diego hospitals continue to fill up with coronavirus patients, and the medical community is sounding the alarm currently in San Diego. More people are in the hospital with covert 19 than at any point during the pandemic. 692 patients were in the hospital Sunday, 180 of them in the ICU. Doctors are better equipped to fight the virus with treatments like rendez, severe and steroids. But they are concerned because hospitalizations tend to lag infections, which nearly tripled from October to November. Palamar health has unused non ICU beds and is ready to take on patients. Other hospitals run out of room. Joshua Lipped in Cocoa News. Governor Newsome is warning that we could be on the brink of a stricter covert 19 stay at home order as the pandemic stretches resource is, according to news from the states about 75% of ICU capacity with a potential Max reach before Christmas. He says tighter restrictions are being seriously considered to slow the spread of the virus and keep the hospital system from being overwhelmed. That is more equivalent more in line with stay at home order that folks were familiar with in the beginning of this year with modifications in terms of the work that we're currently doing. There's good news on the horizon with the initial 327,000 doses of the first vaccine expected sometime in December. Details and who gets it will be announced later this week. Hey, Louis Koko Ni will be talking to county Supervisor Nathan Fletcher about San Diego's numbers coming up live at 7 10. Meantime, the nation's top infectious disease experts says the Corona virus is continuing to impact minority communities at a higher rate, Dr Anthony Fauci said one reason this is happening is because they typically have frontline jobs nature of the job they have, which put him on the front line, mostly Not being able to do much of the work by our computer, those individuals of the population of a higher incidence of infection. Dr Fauci says once they have the virus, they also have a higher rate of pre existing health conditions that could make the outcome deadly. Health officials are aiming to have a vaccine available to everyone in a matter of months. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski says 100% of Americans who want the vaccine will be able to by the end of June. Ostrovsky is heading up the vaccine distribution operation Warp speed, the Navy has decided to decommission the badly burned USS bottom. Rashard warship. The ship caught fire this past summer while docked in the San Diego Bay burn for nearly five days. Rear Admiral Erik van hey, who oversees ship maintenance, says they looked at three options. One was to rebuild at a cost of up to $3.2 billion that could have taken 5 to 7 years also examined Some ways that we might rebuild the ship to some alternate configuration and then Lastly, we looked at Decommissioning and intense investigation continues to determine what started the fire, But arson is a possibility. One sailor has been questioned more than 60, crew members and civilians injured. Some came down with covert 19 days later after they shared oxygen masks while fighting the flames. Phil Farrar. KOGO News. Could we see President Trump take another run at the nation's top office. Krista Mail report is not done fighting the 2020 election results and it's not conceding yet. And he told reporters on Thanksgiving. He doesn't want to talk 2024 yet, but sources tell Fox President Trump has told advisers he wants to run again in four years. Such an announcement or even flirtation with a third White House run would dampen what's expected to be a wide open battle for the GOP nomination. The president has made it clear he intends to stay active in Republican politics. He's scheduled to campaign and Georgia's Saturday for the two Republican incumbents in that state's runoff elections. The civics test is getting tougher for people who want to become a U. S. Citizen starting today. Rachel Sutherland reports. Some of the questions could trip up people born in the USA. How many amendments does the Constitution have the answer? 27. It's just one of 100 questions. Applicants could have to answer. US Citizenship and Immigration services says the new test is designed to evaluate an applicant's understanding of American history and civics. A passing score is 60%, meaning candidates must answer 12 out of 20 aural questions correctly. The previous naturalization test had 10 questions. How to set boundaries when it comes to your kids and gaming during the pandemic that's coming up live along with your traffic and some windy, potentially dangerous weather ahead. Coco News time 607 Glowing skin is always in with, say, Nice apricot scrub made with 100%, natural apricot extract and walnut shell powder. This cult.

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