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A cash donation to the salvation army's out here. So if you had money. Handed to the Salvation Army. You're gonna take care of this one hundred percents all of the money is gonna go to help the kids that we've got the brand new WABC t shirts out here, you come by and say hi drop off a donation. We'll give you a brand new t shirt, I'll sign it for free for ten dollars outside in Ferguson. His name. Can't wear pompous Harley Davidson van we're at a hill road just north of three eighty five. So come on out see us, I'll be out here until six o'clock this afternoon. I spend my daughters out here. She's five years old. We're going in lessons on spending saving and sharing. So this is kind of a life lesson for her. So this is kind of an awesome time come about just pick up a free t shirt and help make a kid's Christmas with six hundred ninety four point one FM in our friends at buffets Harley Davidson in carterville, we'll see we're going to be you guys will be there to six o'clock tonight. And I told people that started with Mike Fleming back in the day with might spied some we turned into thebenz by several years ago. And now, we're just doing full-blown WNYC bites with angel tree and Salvation Army. And this is if you've ever I've had the the the. Incredible moment to be able to see some of these bikes handed to some of these families, and the tears that rolled on their faces. The thank yous that you get letting these kids know that someone's rooting for you someone believes you someone wants you to have a great Christmas is what it's all about the Salvation Army. And if you don't want go buy a bike just from the from the standpoint of hauling it up there and everything else. It's we've made it is easy as we can you can come by a financial donation and the Salvation Army actually gets incredible pricing on bike. So it might even make your money go a little bit further. They'll pick out the exact bikes that are needed for kids based on their height, their age, size, etc. So you can do that as well. That may be easier for you. So again, ROY draft three five Harley Davidson shop Kyler Ville, Tim will be there. You'll be there till six o'clock tonight, right, buddy. That's right. We're going to be out here, and please come on by and say, hi. And you know, what we love that kind of money that folds, but we'll take the time that jingles as well. Because I think you said it best Salvation Army knows how to stretch those dollars in those coins for maximum benefit. And there's nothing more powerful than seeing a spark of hope lineup and a child is it is really about hope, but Tim we'll talk to you again real soon in the next hour. Thanks for being down there holding down the fort. It's Ben Ferguson show six hundred and ninety.

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