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You know, those are really interesting one. I I don't know about I don't know about you. But I tend to run smaller funds. Right. You've seen all the people who like to show their text editors with like, they're eight point fonts but inevitably I'll be on an airplane next to someone who's on kindle on older person or on an iphone and they've got that twenty four. That's thirty point font. And I'll kind of chuckle, you know, I don't I don't have to do small funds. Well, nigh, I don't large Vons. I don't have to do it yet. But it's going to sneak up on me in that fonts gonna ever. So slowly, get bigger and bigger. And again, that's that's me. With the big font. I I have been von show bit fun dim screen. Yeah. Is. I do I do like why is your big monthly? Why is your system? All read my texts. I'll read my text. I don't care. It's It's a. a. I am not I have nothing to hide. So you're exercising all of these different tools while you're building the tools ideal. I I like to play around with excess ability on my phone. I have so much to learn because there are so many different things to learn out there. There's there's there's just a lot. And so I I love the thing that I love about design in the thing that I love about accessibility. Is that I'm constantly learning? I learn from my friends with disabilities. I learned from myself. I, you know, there's a big big saying in the in the disability community is nothing about us without us. And I made a point to I am I'm writing a book, and there's there's going to be code in the book, and so might the technical reviewer of my book is actually death. And I am learning so much from her about how she navigates how she told me the story of how she. Wanted to listen to this podcast because she heard so much about it. But she can't here and there were no transcripts available in. So she actually wrote the person, and this is a very popular podcast. I can't remember the name of it. She'll mentioned it. I think in the book, and she wrote the person in the person said, oh my goodness out. Definitely transcribed that episode. You're looking for and I'm gonna go back and transcribe all my episodes because I feel like I'm missing out on a whole audience, which is so true that one hits home because I actually when I first started a couple hundred episodes. I had a court reporter make me PDF's, and then I had a a formal transcription service. And then I had a startup that was using AI to make transcriptions. Here's the sad part. We ran into money. You know, it's a it was a couple of bucks a minute to do the subscriptions. And you're doing two or three hours of shows every. Month. You know, you're looking at several hundred dollars to go and do that. So, you know, here, I am espousing accessibility. But I don't I think the last thirty or forty shows in fact, don't have transcriptions because it's just very very difficult. I'd love to have someone maybe who's listening sponsor the transcriptions. And I'll go back, and we can I've got three hundred hours of shows. We could go retranscribed the entire thing and make it searchable. That'd be amazing. You put it out there. So now, it's going to happen. I hope so there's nothing though, you put it into the universe to to manifest it. Yeah. You put it out there. So that's going to happen. Transcriptionist coming coming back. I appreciate all the stuff that you've manifested in your career as user experience designer as an educator, and now, you're international public speaker and people can check you out on your website. Thank you so much for having me on the show antastic we've been talking with ridge in Gilbert. And this has been another episode of handsome. We'll see you again next week.

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