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To sunday the road to super bowl fifty two scot graeme here in minneapolis joined by all the faber jason taylor and edward or other programs at i of course the patriots famously tried four perfection a number of years back and sought derailed by the new york giants you also know that only one team ever retained that in super bowl history perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence that quote from the great vince lombardi was mostly accurate with the exception of the first four words because in nineteen 72 don shula in the miami dolphins accomplish the unattainable in super bowl seven against the washington redskins for shuler the hall of famer his first two tries it super bowl glory came up short including the year before in a super bowl six loss to the cowboys what i learned from that loss was at when you're there it's not good enough to be there when you're there you better walk away with that range and i learned at the hard way in my first two super bowls i was enroll own two super mercury morris at his fellow dolphins including back you'll meet larry's ongko it was a clear call to arms before the next season ever began when we came back to camps he made us watch the cobb was that we just lost only he started critiquing like it'd happened two days prior so he turns up the projector and he comes up to the front of the room and he said now you see how sick and sorry you feel well just think of cickens sorry you're going to be if you don't go back and redeem your cells or what you did last year winning the championship was not his goal winning every game in a row was his goal but then finishing through the playoffs and winning every game something that no one's ever done in the nfl i think about that man standing in front of us telling us we're going to do something no one else has done you know we're going to take this turn it we're going to put some gunpowder we're going to the moon we dedicated ourselves into a man that we you would do whatever it to get back to that game miami ran through its regular season schedule would a perfect fourteen it oh even.

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