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And the conversation not just between Democrats and the White House, but also Democrats and the White House and the C Suite and the airline industry. I mean that also another driving economic force on jobs day, the final jobs day before the election. And like you mentioned more positive note from McConnell. He was saying that I think we're getting closer to an outcome. Nancy Pelosi was more positive the morning and then she talked about how there's still significant disagreement with the White House on about. She listen about five funding for unemployment, insurance, money for schools and state and local governments, amount of the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. Restrictions on the use of testing money and 44 billion gap on appropriate discretionary funding. But at least that specific, I feel like that's more specificity than I've heard in a while. And I wonder having heard that McConnell as well that you can get a number and then you can scale up to where everybody's unhappy. I mean me, and there has been movement. I mean, and we always talk. Just the difference between where Republicans are is still about a trillion dollars from where the Democrats are, but that's still a trillion dollars closer. So where they had been, and just again. I mean, that. Just put this in perspective, the president United States might be negotiating a deal on fiscal stimulus. From Walter Reed. All right, Kevin, let's sport and bring in a Craig Gordon Washington Bureau chief. Ah, Bloomberg joining us there as well. Hey, Greg, we're just talking about the stimulus conversation. And where are we in that? What kind of tone did you hear? That was different. That was maybe more partisan than we've heard in a very long time today. I mean, look, you know we have a very visit example of why the country might need somewhere economic stimulus. In the person of the president states falling ill. You know, you know, a lot of politics is actually very personal. Nothing can sharpen the focus on this for Donald Trump more, perhaps than catching the virus himself. I think that Pelosi Mnuchin were already moving together a little bit. They were still several billion dollars apartment in Washington. That's you know, that's some change. That's easy. Cross the gap, and then it kind of came down to, you know, can they do they have spent on airlines are staying local or give people checks or whatever. You know If you ask me three days ago and said, no way, no how similar steel right now, I would say. Things definitely seem to be moving in the right direction. And obviously the situation. A Dwight House, you know, has to be at least part of that. Part of the reason for that. Yeah, very much so very different than even from a couple days ago. Craig is you're looking for your research watching television shows this weekend talking your sources like what was the key thing you need to know. You know it's going to be going on in D. C. Come Monday morning for investors. I mean, look, the most important question right now in the United States, and probably in the world is how sick of Donald Trump I mean, Hoover has a terrific team that covers health care issues. Um they find it very interesting that he's going to Walter Reed for a few days. That isn't always the customary procedure for someone with a sort of a mild case of the White House is saying, And I know Kevin Us. Really. You're terrific. DC anchor just said it that you know there's an officer there, and you can kind of work work from there. No problem. I would caution the viewers on that one a little bit. You know, the President states want to be at the White House from hate hospitals. We know this So the fact that he's going there and, you know, we reported that in our story just now is a sign. You know, it's serious or potentially serious, or the doctors were worried and again. I don't want to be alarmist. We have the facts in front of us that we know right now. But I think you know, frankly, the next 72 hours are going to tell the tale. Just how sick is Donald Trump is going to be able to get back on the campaign trail. How quickly What does that look like? Um, these are serious. Serious questions. You know, folks, remember watching more shots in the UK Prime Minister go through this. It was very perilous. He you know he was In very dire straits of different points there obviously pulled out or pulled, pulled out of it and is now back back in business. And obviously, as you say, the country certainly rooting for that for Donald Trump. But that's that's what we need to know it affects the election. It affects the stimulus it affect this coat is a Supreme Court fight it affects every single thing is touched by the health. Status of the commander in chief. We should note that Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, also saying today that he, too, has tested positive for Cove in 19, and he also released a statement saying that as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, hey is going to be quarantining and fully expects to be back before the Senate Judiciary Committee. So the Jamie Cockney Barrett confirmation hearing still very much on the minds of lawmakers and senators who have been impacted by this. We talked about the economics. We talked about the judicial. We talked about the domestic political front, but Craig Gordon put this in a geopolitical frame. The commander in chief And Walter Reed a symbol Really? The symbolism can't be understated, especially as our allies as well as our adversaries are watching every move, Craig No, That's a really good point, Kevin. I mean, look, you know, we all spent a lot of time hearing about 25th amendment these days, which obviously allows for sort of a transfer over to the vice president. The president's in some way incapacitated. The reason the 25th amendment exists. First and foremost so that our adversaries know someone's in charge. Someone could make the call someone can, you know? Send in the troops send in the planes dropped the bombs. God forbid, if that were to be needed. That is why that amendment exists. So yes, this is obviously a very personal component of this. Donald Trump's a man..

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