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Mets and the nationals here in washington they salute to america is presented by mutual of america these spirit of america the national anthem was performed tonight by joshua conyers and we were remarking here the booth what a marvelous performance that was big deep rich baritone that's the way sing the anthem and the mets are playing baseball the way it's supposed to be played in so many different areas from the bullpen to the way they execute on the basis to the aggression they show on the basis and they're going to need their fifth starter on wednesday night it had not been determined until just a little while ago who would be because robert casselman and seth lugo of it's so good and groove it so valuable in the bullpen jason vargas is not going to be ready yet the mets are going to bring up zack wheeler who pitched very well the other night i'm terry mccreary and here's what's happening german police say several people are dead and dozens injured after a vandross enjoy a crowd earlier today in the western city of muenster the van driver is among the dead mixed martial arts vans are angry for a multitude of reasons following ufc star conor mcgregor arrest in brooklyn it was a wild scene at the barclay center on thursday the outspoken irish pugilist allegedly threw a fit and attacked a bus full of fighters leading to mcgregor's arrest now zero dasu came down from toronto to watch the event and says the outspoken irishman is selfish he's a fighter that aren't going to be able to fight not going to get the money for their own kids and families back home because of this one guy who's ego is through the roof as a result three flights were cancelled moses say do like his friend nausea from toronto wants a refund if there was a lawsuit will be involved as well because we paid for tickets we traveled james flippin for seven ten w o r police in canada say fourteen people are dead and another fourteen injured after a bus carrying a junior hockey team collided with a truck on friday night on a rural highway into scotch you on the rcmp says the bus was carrying the humboldt broncos to a game when it crashes investigations early onstage as we have members on the scene and.

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