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I don't know if it's current boyfriend pass boyfriend, but it's a scenario like that, where they don't wanna kinda like do anything to jeopardize, or at least that's what Nick keep saying. So that's the thing that will probably touch on later conversation did happen later. Yes. So we, they all so Jackson and Christy also talked about that. They want gest out next. A lot of people want Lovie out next, but they actually would like to keep over your around a little bit longer and go for just now. That's pretty obvious. When it comes to Jackson, we saw in the first night of feeds that just is basically gunning for Jackson. Talking about how he's untrustworthy so I mean, if anything Jackson should want Jess out this week, but he does want to take a shot at Jess instead of Lovie if possible and. Christie on board with that idea Christie is one of the. People who is a little bit more, like, hey guys, let's be maybe a little bit nicer to Lovie. Let's like try to think of him as an actual human being that has feelings and wants to get along with people. She still complains about him. But he's a little bit more understanding or at least trying to be. So I think she's not as gung ho about, it's really it's interesting watch watching because initially, you got this sense that like everybody just wants to target Lovie. But then the more you hear people actually talk about it. You have people like Jack who is like, yeah. Lovie sucks. But I don't wanna target him because he loves me. He loves he eats out of the palm of my hand. He he's in love with me. I can make them do whatever I want. I don't want to get rid of him yet. And then, you know you have. People like Jackson who's like, well, I don't I don't I don't want Ovalles out. Simply yet, at least, like I have other people I wanna go after I Christie, who doesn't want Oviedo yet. We're gonna learn later that cliff. Likes lovie. He, he wouldn't. You know, we'll talk about cliff, but a lot of people like seem to syllabi like I don't really actually want to target Lovie, but he is just like the general consensus just like everyone's going to target him. But the people that actually want to target him are kind of few, and far between, and it seems like the main person here that wants to target Lovie is actually Nick, and Nick is kind of the person who is putting it out there that, hey, we need to be targeting Lovie, and Nick pretty powerful player in the game right now. Because apparently Lovie Lovie head you, one of the things that made Lovie, an outcast was something to do with Cami Chemi throwing over his name out there talking about Lovie Lovie got caught talking about Nick or something along those lines than Nick kind of turned into a target. But if Nick does not retain as much influence and power as he does. I could see Lovie surviving for a few more weeks if that's if that's in the cards for him. But. Jackson Christie, they don't want over gone next. No. And honesty. It's kind of like to go back to those clicks for a second. There is always that one person within that group who is like the one everyone roasts, and that bonds everyone together you take that person out someone asked to replace them ecosystem, shuffles over. So you kind of want to keep him because he's like, he's, you don't know it, but he's the glue kind of thing a unit. Yeah. You guys need to make fun of him to keep your bond going once he leaves, what are you gonna make fun of each other that's going to cause problems? So as much as everyone's like Lovie, everyone's Lovie, easy vote was no one really wants him out. There are quote unquote bigger fish to fry. They need Lovie, the stay. So I feel like that's exactly the kind of time OB needs to work all this out because it does seem like a lot of this stemming from like not really anything concrete..

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