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This is the way it is. I mean. You're Georgia the taking over towards your. Georges is the most Republican part of the state still for site county that area Cherokee County highly Republican. So if you're a Democrat and you want to get elected in Cherokee county you run as a Republican and if you're a democratic voter and you want to vote for the most likely Democratic candidate you have to vote in the Republican primary But then you get into your presidential primaries you want to vote in the Democratic primary. You could be a mixed voter. You could vote half the time and a Republican and Democratic primaries. And you've got to decide. Well you get the voter violent shows you all this. It's never going to show you who you for. I cannot tell you the number of times I go through this with people and they always say so. What you're telling me is the Maj- voter file can tell who I voted for. No no would your voter file can tell is what party you prefer and primaries and you can logically presumed that a someone is voting in a Republican primary every year when you get to the general election. They're going to vote for the Republican candidate or same with the Democrats and so what you can tell with. Registered voters as registered voters tend to Lean Democrat but with registered. Voters a lot of registered voters. Don't actually vote. Their preference would be Democrat. But they don't go vote so the best. Most accurate polling is the likely voter. The likely voter is a fairly even balance of people who vote in the way. You turn likely figure out the likely voter. Id you actually go. Get that voter file from the Secretary of State's office and you find the people who always vote in presidential election years and there's you're likely voter. They have voted in the last three presidential elections by God. They're going to vote in this one. Why because pass patterns of practice with people they made it pass pass patterns may not be the indicator of future performance of the stock market but past patterns among people are the best indicator of future performance over. Burson so if you're always voting in republican primaries by God you're probably GonNa vote in a Republican primary this time if you always vote in presidential elections by God. You're voter presidential election this year. There's you're likely voters and they tend to be fairly accurate to a slight bias of Democrats in the reason. There's a slight bias of Democrats in that. Poland has more to do with California New York and Chicago than anything else. You weed out those. You get a really accurate poll. Now I give you that entire long winded explanation to get to the ABC News Washington Post. Poll it is a registered voters and it has Joe Biden at forty nine. Donald TRUMP AT forty seven. Which means if you were to poll likely voters we're at a tied race or a slight advantage to donald trump. The Democrats are not happy with that. The Democrats really don't like that because ABC News Washington. Post is a credible poll. Abc News Washington. Post was the first poll to show that the president's approval for the covert nineteen situation. Is it fifty six percent? They really don't like that information and so they're thinking they wanna go somewhere else but it may be too late to go somewhere else and there are some speculation now that one of the reasons they're dragging out these democratic primaries is because they're pondering who else to go with. I know the guy. They're thinking of going with one of the things we've heard from healthcare professionals there have been thefts of Medical equipment and masks from hospitals. Believe it or not not just people taking a couple of three. I mean just the actual facts of those products. I've asked the state police to do an investigation a look at marketplaces. That are settling masks. Et CETERA. Medical Equipment Protective. Wear playing into this exploiting the anxiety. That's governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. The man the media has foisted to look more leaderly than Donald Trump. The man the media would like to go with Donald Trump. The man who the media thinks could best donald trump and if you notice on CNN and MSNBC by the way they're given Andrew Cuomo's Daily Press Conferences Wall to wall coverage at the same time. They're saying we should not cover. Donald Trump. They're covering Andrew Cuomo's press conferences. They would love to have Andrew Cuomo go against Donald Trump and they see the polling that Joe Biden is basically tied with Donald Trump among likely voters and they're beginning to panic. The president is clearly helped by this. And they don't like the fact that the president is helped by this. Here's the president on the whole this approval rating in pulling stuff your approval ratings than the highest. They've ever been as well. As the ratings on your handling of the virus there are some networks that are saying they're debating whether or not to carry these briefings live. Do you think there's a link between the two? Well I don't know I know that that's a nice question. Thank you very much yeah. I don't want high approval ratings for this. I wish we could have our old life back the greatest economy that we've ever had and we didn't have death. We didn't have this. We did have this horrible Scourge this plague he caller whatever you want the virus but We're working very hard. That's all I know. You know I see things. I see. Numbers They don't matter to me what matters to me is that we have victory over this thing as soon as possible. When you hear that two point two million people could have died. If we didn't go through all of this and and now the number will be you know a much lower number. Hopefully it's going to be the numbers that we're talking about but So I appreciate it very much but you know what I want. I want our life back again. I want our country back. I want the world BEC. I want the world to get rid of this again. Hundred and fifty one countries And we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA have a great victory we're GonNa have a great that was a very leisurely answer in the President keeps answers up like that. He's going to continue to be helped in the polling. And the media's constantly now having to play Gotcha and constantly trying to beat the drum on on these on the president versus by Joe Chuck. Todd is under a lot of fire from the right for having Joe Biden on an asking him this question. We'll play this exchange for you. Because Joe Biden himself gave very diplomatic answer. You gotta you gotTa give an Atta boy to Joe Biden for at least refusing to go where chuck todd opened him up to be able to you when it comes to critiquing president trump.

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