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She hope so twenty five thousand dollar reward will lead to tips this could be your family standing up here instead of us helpless steven hernandez says his dad had been out for a walk in late may just a couple of blocks from home former lived you're almost sixty years and he felt very safe to walk the streets and someone took that from him and us in carson antara mullin back kfi news should nights girlfriend and his business partner have been indicted in la prosecutors say the two violated a court order to protect video evidence in night's murder case the la county da's office says the girlfriend manager negotiated the sale of the video to tmz for fifty five thousand dollars both could face jail or prison time the indictment says the two were secretly recorded in phone calls negotiating the sale even though the video that showed the death of a man was placed under a protective order separately the da's office has accused two of nights defence lawyers of having a role in that video sale the lawyers have not been charged with crimes eric leonard kfi news nonprofit group based in san francisco has offered scholarships to help some daca recipients renew their status the program that was set up to their use for college students at the community college california state university and the university of california california community college is vice chancellor paul feast says the scots ships cover students whose dhaka's status expires on or before march fifth of next year checks to cover the 495 dollar fee will be made out to the department of homeland security once a student qualifies a middle eastern country has chosen la as the place to sign a declaration of religious tolerance the bahrain declaration denounces the religious extremists from the fuel terrorism and the act of the signing carries additional symbolism lets you know perfectly honest simon wiesenthal center is a jewish institution with a capital j rabbi abraham cooper with the center says this is a turning point we've been waiting for a moderate voice this the forward in unequivocal terms it's cooper's as the king of bahrain worked with faith leaders from around the world to create this declaration at the museum of tolerance kris ankarlo kfi news police are investigating the deaths of.

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