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It's a complete cultural meltdown now which political parties been in charge los angeles for the last fifty years and which political part is going to be in charge los angeles for the next hundred years guess what they're not white bread riparian republicans these are democrats the last unless republican governor of course with the uttered sports and egger it wasn't much a republican either as far as the i can see democrats will control every major city in the country and most of the largest states outside of a florida and texas now if you're on a lionel state you're likely in illinois or california or the state of new york state in yorkers great except here's you get near the city massachusetts new jersey connecticut maryland terrible states with pension systems upside down with rampant crime with schools that don't work with fare little job creation because is too expensive to create jobs too many rules and regulations and los angeles this is a meltdown is not a big story if the democratic party wants to take the policies in place in the major cities and the major large state outside of texas and florida of course and impose them upon the whole country should there be an analysis of how you have succeeded so far in your area one barack hussein obama became the president that anybody know media say well he's from chicago we now know has been a close friend of louis farrakhan but nobody talked about it because it would have been injurious there's campaign even alan dershowitz said the other day that he would have known that the obama had this relationship with farrakhan whose in anti semite in a racist you wouldn't have campaigned for obama no eight did anyone se since obama is from the city of chicago and since obama is a community organizer and he spent twenty years quote organizing the south side of chicago let's do an analysis added oba tom ado in his hometown before we take him nationally well nobody said it nobody did it nobody analyzed how's the obama chief of staff rahm emanuel doing in chicago how's the state of illinois doing they have a republican governor name rayner who can't do anything embryos a legislature has completely democrats they block him at every turn and so it drives me crazy want to look at members of the.

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