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And then the kill your Yeah, because the Kennedys had nothing to do with the boss. Well, I'm saying there's you know, I don't know if you've heard this. Are you sitting down the sick? I am sitting theory that the assassination of JFK with my fear related, so I wonder if that's ever weird during Thanksgiving. You know you're sitting down. You're like So what? You look over at the Cuomo side of the family? You're like, Come on, right. That's up. Exactly. Let me know who did it. Don't Is it even undeniable? The Kennedy family kid, You know where the Kennedy family made their money, by the way does any does do people know this? They don't know this. Yeah, they were. They were they were. They were what he called during Prohibition. They sold booze. There were bootleggers, man. Absolutely. Booze money That was booze money, So there, you know, there's a certain criminal element tie in there anyway. But, um, you know the idea that that the Kennedy father, the patriarch there Essentially And I know it gets portrayed movies. I think they did a decent job of portrayed in Irishman. If you watch the Irishman Essentially There's a lot of people that are pretty convinced that there was some serious shenanigans going on from a voting perspective in Illinois in Chicago on behalf of Kennedy, and it was essentially the Bob that did it. And and and and the unions was pretty much It was confirmed by now, isn't it? Isn't it like some kind of fucking? Yeah, I think it's not really a big secret. The irony, of course, is People would just go in. They would say their name they would be then given a the ability to vote and then they would vote. That's where the Mafia connection comes in, because they said that they helped them still Chicago at the time. I don't know if it still holds up. But at the time JFK beat Nixon by the slimmest margin in the history of of presidential politics. It was the slimmest margin ever. Yes, yes, They're saying that, you know, because favors weren't repaid that the Mafia took out JFK. It was basically get us back in Cuba, and then the family married into it By now they're related to the Cuomo's. But obviously she That's why she has to find the victim group. So luckily, she's she's located one. But you missed my other point. Can you believe that back in the day people would just go into their polling place? They would say their name but not produce an ID. And then they would be given. They would be given a voting a ballot and then they'd be able to vote. I don't believe it. Yeah, that's how they used to do it way back in the day. But luckily they've obviously changed everything to Preclude any of that behavior which is documented. Alright? 8889347874 Ken.

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