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Back to business there's been a spike in covert cases in states that have already reopened states like Oregon knew they probably see an increase in cases when they decide to to open nearly a month ago but the governor says they weren't expecting this a noticeable increase in covert nineteen infections over the past week is certainly cause for concern they've now put re openings on hold Arizona is seeing a thousand new infections a day and in Texas a Houston football stadium that was converted to a field hospital is on the ready Christmas free CBS news you guys from the CDC is asking the leaders of large gatherings that includes shouting and singing to emphasize a wearing a facemask to hold down the spread of code nineteen it comes after two weeks of mass protests nationwide over the death of George Floyd and before president trump resume resumes campaign rallies other CDC recommendations include using the drive through or an ATM at the bank and if you're hosting a cookout have people bring their own food and drinks and pick one person to serve shareable items it is eight forty one American University has canceled all of study abroad programs for the fall a use campus newspaper the eagle reports that a use a broad executive director says the decision was mainly influenced by travel restrictions and the uncertainty of cross border mobility for now study abroad programs are still in the university's plans for the spring of the twenty twenty one semester the university plans to announce more details about the fall semester in the next few days northern Virginia of course is now in phase two of re opening and this means retail stores can open their doors with safety measures in place one of the stores doing that good well here's WTOP's Kristi can muster is run the gamut of the quality and quantity of merchandise that you can buy there's clothes electronics furniture housewares but his twenty area stores begin re opening Brendan Hurley of goodwill of greater Washington says they'll be limited hours for bringing in donations because overwhelmed in recent months there's no space we would like to sell as much product as possible and of course all of the money we generate from the sales funnel right back into our mission goodwill provides free virtual job training for sticking WTOP news much Maryland in phase two this evening at had began around five prince George's county though in Montgomery County not starting yet prince George's will move into phase two on Monday Montgomery County looking to start sometime next week the district also holding off for now you can read more about the details on re opening this at WTOP dot com it's a new route research into whether plasma from corona virus survivors can prevent the virus more from AP stat at Donahue survivors like Alex Palmer tear in Delaware are donating blood plasma good to be able to do something to help our just knowing the pain that it it really has brought a lot of people Dr Shaun Lewin Mount Sinai health system says patients have been getting what is called convalescent plasma and watching people die is it's heartbreaking it's scary and it's heartbreaking and and we just needed to find some hope if it works convalescent plasma could have important ramifications until a vaccine arrives Dr Michele Donato at Hackensack Medical Center says immunity for patients and donors is very important to millionaire question important to the world there is little evidence so far the plasma is making a difference I made down here eight forty four W. T. O. P. the White House today overturned Obama era protections for transgender people against sex discrimination in health care it's a move that's being widely applauded by president Donald trump's conservative religious base they say the Obama administration had exceeded its legal authority with a rule that broadly interprets gender but LGBTQ groups say such protections are needed for people seeking sex reassignment treatment and even for transgender people who need care for common illnesses it is eight forty four at W. T. O. Sabrina Fulton the mother of Trayvon Martin announced this week that she is officially qualified to run for office in Florida more now from CBS news correspondent Matt pike Fulton broke the news on social media with a photo of her standing in front of signs reading I'm with Sabrina Fulton twenty twenty she first publicly announced she was running for Miami Dade County commissioner district one in may of last year but she was not considered an official candidate in the race in the eyes of the county and state of Florida until this week Paul is challenging the mayor of Miami gardens Oliver Gilbert for the seat that's up for grabs this year due to term limits not Piper CBS news sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda now to Jonathan Warner another page from Major League Baseball to start the season they would reportedly played seventy two games beginning July fourteenth with players receiving eighty percent of their pro rated salaries F. the post season is completed it's believed the owners want a response from the union by Sunday night once again the nationals prove they love big pictures using for other six draft picks on hurlers all standing at least six foot four except closer Holden Powell of UCLA however he's got big dreams after watching the nats Daniel Hudson get the final out so the World Series I mean that's kind of just a moment you vision as a closer get the last out of the World Series game is really nothing better in my opinion obviously I hope I can be in that position one day with an organization like the nationals nothing nothing better would be to make that happen so I'm looking forward to getting that opportunity but yeah I mean either close that's that's what you dream of getting a last couple hours you for sure Holden Powell is second in UCLA history in career saves and how about this mac from NASCAR after driver races are only of Ellicott city announced his retirement because the Confederate flag is now banned at all racing events NASCAR responded on Twitter by saying we actually had to Google who you were I'm sure you're dozens of fans are real sad about your crusade to defend participation trophies ouch so it's a really has never won a NASCAR truck series race with only one top ten finish shot of the Warner W. 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