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Radio Jodi Mack taking out now here in Bennie and the jets in the background they have turned up little Jimmy J. one of my all time there it is one of my all time favorite John songs and Justin aside Elton John one of my favorite artists of all time damp Elton coach back to when I was in high school that's how long he's been a major mover and shaker in the music industry a long long long long time and because of that at a receptive age when music was a lot more important in my life that it is now because now I get a card listen to sports talk radio backed at all either but let's do is that music could Elton John was a personal favorite all right so I hope you realize how big you know John fan I am again because we are dealing with the situation that we have in the world with the corona virus and spending quality time at home quality for me not so much for my wife and my daughter who'd just as soon get me to hell out of the house but watching more TV than I have any use for last night I'm flipping the dials and short I've weapon to dial so I really I'm showing my age remote in hand I'm flipping through the channels and I come upon one of the HBO channels and rocket man is on which was a mute movie came out about Elton John a year ago or so I've never seen it I didn't go to theaters to see it I was intrigued because I thought that but he arrived he was as good as was about queen and I thought it might Hey I'd like quick love clean when I was a kid I loved out even more I should go see it and I just never got around to see it I watched it last night cable might be the worst movie I've seen in two years four years six I don't even know how far you have to go back to say that I saw a movie that was less entertaining the rock may watch or it was confusing and I just thought poorly dot net L. right now not physically but if you add a macabre rocket man ever popped up on cable you've been meaning to see it think twice before you actually punch it up it does no justice whatsoever that's just me thank god reminded tonight torment rewind continues on CBS sports.

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