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Continues the way. It's going for them but you know this is somewhat said. We tried to tell the giants what was coming and they didn't wanna believe it was coming and and here it is You know we couldn't have called it anymore. Accurately that that he has gone in there and his is just made a total mess of the offense of plan. And wow okay. tom. And i've talked giants. We're here to talk about. the couch. Should promote him to head coaching really. Just it's inevitable like is like we've seen this movie one thousand times. You know what. I mean this right now get right here but just give him the. Everything is the part of the movie where the girl breaks up or like like leaves. The nice friend in does something mean to him in favor of the like bad jerk. You know what i'm saying. And that's what jason gets really nice guy right kind of guy but you know in the moment we're talking about here. It's applicable to the success of a football team. He's the jerk and then the nice guy is going to be often the corner like man. Who am i going to go to prom with now. You know what i mean like. It's just it's a tough scene for the new york giants. I agree with joseph by the cowboys will make it to the nfc championship. I was shooting so low that. Let's talk about the super bowl. Let's you know whatever. Tony burns is now dictating. Our show says can we talk about the three force turnovers. Obviously the cowboys had last week. Four with the hail mary pig. I'm extremely excited about this defense. Other than anthony brown. Ouch so tony. I will say this. I got a lot of heat myself for the post game. Show really saying the cowboys only had one true turnover. The i was the demarcus lawrence punch out. Everybody agrees incredible job. Incredible effort. please respect demarcus lawrence. The second was the digs pick. I just don't think you can count on tip balls like that every week but good for him. I'm fine calling at half of a turnover. The third was the hail mary. Interception lewis had and the fourth kc forced fumble. Not exactly predictable. Either i mean helmet was the right spot. You know what. I mean to jar that thing loose but i mean it should be said that chris godwin dodged like four tackles before he got. It wasn't exactly a great defensive. Play so with regard to this question. Are you excited. Not excited twenty second ranked by the defense. I mean we have to temper expectations. Do we need more context. How do you feel about dan. Quick to me you looking. At the way you categorize the turnovers. I would say it's two and a half right. I mean diggs digs flying up to the ball. I mean he's ready to make the tackle and he's you know when you play that fast and your in your football oriented. You're going to be around the football to make plays a the diamante. Casey play is one that You know that's just textbook tackling. And in that moment i think the moment made a bigger and more unbelievable than it is but i feel like the safeties and cornerbacks of the type of people. Can you know stick their head in it. You know and get in there and make a play like that. So i'm appreciative. That demarcus lawrence says demarcus lawrence being tank. You know he. He's the type of player he plays at a hundred miles per hour. It hero fire so. But as a whole i was you know i was positive. I mean. I saw some positive things i mean. We're playing tom brady and a wide receiver unit. That can only really rival hours right. And and that's you're looking at mike evans and how trayvon digs leading mike givens. And you're you know we're going to have to touch base and anthony brown did against antonio brown but There were some positive signs in this defense. I think there is definitely things the work on but it looked like a faster more confident group. Compared to last year. I agree tony thing. That's all said mad cat k. korea. Who i think setting the comments is working on baked goods for all of us is what i read. The exact words maquette dozen doughnuts each of us but we'll see Tom says better to be lucky than good. Totally truth here. And tony mentioned. You're playing against tom brady. That context is necessary. And despite the fact that it's tom brady you also played against. What was the top rated quarterback performance by pro. Football focuses measurement. Tom brady the number one quarterback from an offensive standpoint from a passing grade standpoint. So again he's tom brady. And he's literally operating at the absolute peak of his powers. So you know you ran into fan with all the infinity stones on his hand at one particular moment in time. It makes sense that you would lose. So it is difficult to properly contextualized. How good or bad. This defense is are you with tony. Do you feel like you've seen some positive things. Do you feel like it is better than last year. Are you ready to say that you know doomsday has returned where you accurate. Yeah well i. I want to say that. It was a good point that there is better to be lucky because there is an element in turnovers with especially with interception. I belong ball made out of leather totally weird thing. We're things happened with it. But you know i'm of course looking forward to the in game since we lost infinity war there but we warmly. Tom who are you are you always hawkeye. Ask the but the but the whole thing is that. I think i saw more from the defense especially because did you. Don't you might notice the fact that the the buccaneers had less rushing yards of the cowboys. Did they had even less running attack and they had they would've gone by more. That's what yeah of course but last year. What was it that we saw killer so many times unexpectedly than the now just got shredded in the running game right. That is a very hopeful. I'm i'm also encouraged by how the secondary was in the right place. They seem to be going to the ball. They seem to actually understand the concept of ova balls in the air within reach. Perhaps i should catch it. Which sounds something that. They didn't seem to have as much of last year as they needed so. I think the defense has made some positive steps. I'm a favorably inclined in my judgment of dan quinn so far but you know. It's a very small sample size. We've got to see how they do against the chargers. Now but yes. I'm think it's trending upwards and i'm i'm not unhappy. I don't think we can depend on winning the turnover battle that way But the flipside is cowboys. Didn't lose any fumbles and remember how badly that her last year. So you know. There's two sides to the turnover coin but just speaking about the defense right now. It's i think the arrows pointing up for them may Much was made about. How trayvon clamped up Mike evans and you were there. In person was in tampa. Everybody's everybody you know. Caught her cool. Make was there. She was running. Our instagram may will actually running the bottom the boys instagram every game this season so blogging dot the that boys anything.

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