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With us news patrick fos base in california have arrested a man suspected of being a sadistic serial killer in the seventies and eighties known as the golden state killer barbara police officer seventy two year old joseph di angelo was arrested at his home after dna linked him to the crimes he worked at a supermarket warehouse distribution center near sacramento for twenty seven years before retiring last year french president macron addressed a joint session of congress on his final day of a three day visit to washington macron appealed to the united states to rejoin the paris climate agreement to quote make our planet great again former president george h w bush has moved out of intensive care and into a regular patient room at a houston hospital on wednesday as he recovers from an infection that required his hospitalization day after his wife's funeral the jury in bokassa sexual assault case out of the marathon first day of deliberations without reaching a verdict wednesday this is srn news someone twenty seven verse four says like arrows in the hands of a warrior so are the children of one's youth each day with our children is an opportunity to shape and sharpen those arrows before we release them into the world so how can we know we're shaping and pointing them in the right direction join family like in select movie theaters across the country on may first and third for the premiere of the movie like eros of faith based film about parenting with purpose like eros theatres for two nights only may first and third and it cast a powerful vision for parents reminding us that nothing is more important than having god and his word directing our lives and our families view the trailer or find theaters near you visit like arrows movie dot com again that's like arrows movie dot com sheila carter founder of heart song.

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