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How many ferries do you think support trump said many no not many at all the most people dressed like animal you are emulating an animal in that moment we have brownies in this country it's we do i know one come on now what's the deal with animals donald trump can't call people animals maybe it was a compliment you never know but here here's here's the way it's being painted by a lot not all ms thirteen members are violent okay cheer me i can't handle this not all i messed thirteen members are violent many have families and they just want a better life for their gang what star when you lump them all together you cause a backlash towards peaceful gang members in you promote ms thirteen afo bia now do you want a country with that going on that that cannot be real listen i've been watching the show i think it's called drugs inc or something it's on netflix and i'm a nerd like that i love shows like that where it's like real it's not just some i don't know where they kind of redo everything it's like a documentary one one more your phone calls on the other side joining with andrew and jessica the views of this ad or not the opinions of crawford broadcasting its owners employees affiliates or advertisers attorney general steve marshall is fighting alongside president trump a christian conservative steve marsha will uphold our values steve marshall is prolife and protected a pregnancy centers right to free speech as attorney general steve marshall has defended our gun rights and steve marshall fought to stop sanctuary cities and end illegal immigration here steve marshall and president trump our conservative fighters i'm a christian conservative driven by my favorite may god bless our glorious nation i'm prolife and we'll protect the unborn every child is a precious gift from god.

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