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I'm joined by executive pastry chef. Aaron klaus who's the pastry chef over at market italian village who harder brewery and kitchen which is also in the italian village. There are four street and crest which is up off india nola. I've kind of clinton bill area. All three of those are in our creative group properties. So we've had chef carlos on who's the head chef over it marketing village previously errands. Really the first pastry chef. Daniel camel has done pastry in his past career but errands kind of the first one. That's exclusively focused on pastry and kind of that. Pleading style of making a desert really pop off the plate and look really artistic so we kind of get into all that stuff is pretty much a local guy you know. Went to chicago for a bit and found his way to kinda food network. Tv and he's competed on a few different shows. We can talk about that and the whole tv process. How in an ad and about surround he worked at the hilton for awhile his most famous dish most of you probably seen at least an instagram photo of it is like this behind hanging upside down from branch. It's like a honeybee hive chocolate branch and goes across his jar in the bottom is just kinda supposed to be like kind of the earth and then it kinda drips down the honey. I had that at the hilton gallery bar bistro when aaron was the pastry chef there have pitcher somewhere. I think on different instagram account off to try and find but it's really good stuff and it's a different aspect of being a chef to with the tv stuff. And how all that kind of works and competing you know. We've had a few people that have done bits and pieces on. Tv you know bj. Did the documentary tried to stay kind of in the back. A little bit of what we were talking about that but and a few other people have done. Bits and pieces caroliina whose last week as she has a a little eater episode on their youtube channel. I think it's about ten minutes long process of making chocolate and everything so but you never had somebody who's been actively in kind of an on tv network and kind of competing in the food challenges and stuff like that pretty interesting kind of get that aspect and everything that goes behind it because you don't really know until you kind of do it even everybody their first time being on any sort of cooking tv show. It's completely different than what they expected. We get it all that stuff in his career and all the different places that he's worked and what he's got going on now and everything so it's really awesome interesting conversation especially focusing on kind of the pastry aspect of cooking so you can follow me on instagram. At aaron m claus is his page there can also check out his website also follow them all the restaurants there on instagram to as well at alchemy brands at the crest gastro pub at hove hearted brewery and kitchen and then also at the market dot. Iv website air clouds dot com. And we get an all that branding stuff. He read it all of it over kovic because he had some downtime too so make sure to give them a follow. Also follow us on instagram. Checkout past episodes of the podcast websites dot com that stuff but without further delay. Here's my conversation with the executive pastry chef. Aaron klaus thanks again. For coming on the podcast. It's time at your morning there. I really appreciate it back when you're at the gallery bar and bistro. You had maybe your most famous dessert. Creations is kinda like the beehive on the branch is without. Can i think our first experience with one year desserts and the now you're the the pastry chef at all the anr kind of restaurants in mark italian village and the crest and everything. And i want to get to all that stuff too as well but kind of start at the beginning where we do with everyone. How did you first get into cooking and pastry and everything. I mean it was in your family right. Yeah so thanks for having me so yeah the first experience i had With patient was really. When i was a kid. Our family the group in the farm areas northwest. A lot of what we did was like. Make all these cute little cookie baskets and caramel corn candies. And that was what we did as a family. It's like give out all the neighbors and everything for christmas so we used to do all these tins. i mean. we're talking like hundreds of thousands of cookies over the course of three weeks. That my mom. My dad my brother and i just like every room of the house had like a sheet pan. Full of cookies always really liked that. I experienced like extremely nostalgic. You know side of it and then. My mom did some wedding cakes and stuff. When i was a kid so i always used to see her working on the wedding cakes. The wilting decorating courses. You know that really like hobby lobby twin fabrics style. This kind of loved it. You know my brother is outside doing farm work with dad and i would like go pet the cows and then come inside and try to like make cookies with palms so so. When did you realize that that's something that you wanted to do. As a career was during high school like did you work in restaurants during high school or was it after. Yeah so in high school. I was really focused on music. So i ended up starting school at college for music. Everything was going to be a professional musician. Teach you know band and choir like music nerd. The on the side. I ended up doing a graduation cakes for friends like the class above me and stuff when they were seniors. I did graduation cakes for them and it was always like side. Hobby like couldn't choose between music or pastry like one was. The one was the career at the beginning. I chose the opposite direction. I like. I'm going to go to school for music. And that's going to be the passion. I made it one semester music school and then decided to drop out. Runaway gurshkov auto moved three days later and enrolled in peachtree school like randomly so it was just like a quick change of pace. What were you doing in music school. What did you of go for. Was it just a certain instrument or yeah so school. I went to heidelberg university up tiffin ohio and i went for like basically music literature and so i really just wanted to study. You know how. Music was made And like composing and in that sort of thing. I play a lot of instruments. But like i don't stain my friends would probably ask me to not saying very instrumental I dislike music theory on very nerdy. On how did you decide on. I think is the french pastry school rate in chicago that you went to. How'd you decide on that. Instead of the cia or or one of the big name pastry schools. Yeah so actually my mom it was. Let's say a senior year of high school. I was in between college choices and was really pushing for music. They were pushing me for pastry. Which was funny. You would expect them to be like no go. Get your four year degree. Look normal stuff said. My mom's surprising with the trip out to new york and we went to the cia And spent a whole week out there looking at the school. And i loved everything about it like everything was just like absolutely perfect but then somehow just decided to like go to music school. I don't know where the choice i was like. No no this is the right choice. I have to do this and so shows me with school and then out of nowhere it was. let's see it was december twenty eighth. My birthday is the twenty ninth. And so i told my parents on the twenty ninth. Hey like i withdrew from heidelberg. And i have an apartment lease that starts tomorrow in chicago. And they're really quite like what are you talking about. And i was like yeah i go to school there and i just looked at school and i mean the french pastry school. The staff that they have like it's just full of analysts like masters of pastry world champions like just like the list and excellence that comes from that school was just absolutely outstanding to me and it hasn't museum constructors new four year. Degree wasn't the path. I wanted to take and i just really wanted to die then like already wasted one semester. Doing nothing so. I was like.

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