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Going on. It's like every day is different. Mike. It's a new challenge for traffic reporters. That's for sure. You one day you think it's going to be fun, and it really isn't today. Right now. I thought things were going to clear up quickly. Not the case. A couple of new problems first, though, Renton fire just tweeting out that there on the scene of a It sounds like a local coffee roasting facility. Fire that's happening right now. So they're saying you could see smoke from four or five. But what I'm seeing on four or five is this record south unfold live near 1 12. That's causing some delays coming out of Bellevue and heading out that direction. It's busy on the Valley Freeway heading south down after Valley Medical Center to Emerald Downs. Drivers are going to run into an eastbound nineties off ramp to highway 18 that's across there that's blocking drivers are also running into some slower traffic cell 25 Upsell Center Hill and after Highway 18. It's really difficult out of Lakewood at this evening. I'll explain coming up in about 10 Minutes. Traffic is brought to you by Chevrolet. Buick GMC Up, You all find a better buying experience that Chevrolet Buick GMC A pew off for every new vehicle comes with oil changes of warranty for life. And no stress pricing visit Chevrolet Buick GMC a few Ala dot com. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor got through 2020 together. So what are you waiting for? Propose with a stunning engagement ring from Shane Company with our huge selection of ring settings and loose stones, countless combinations and possibilities. Chain company. You can truly create a one of a kind ring that will reflect her personal style. When you're finished, her ring will look like no other. Her friends will say yes. So her first select a ring setting from hundreds of unique styles, Then pick a center stone choose a natural.

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