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In charlottesville virginia chance by white nationalist that emancipation park last night police so forty to fifty demonstrators gathered to protest a judge's ruling this past summer to allow the removal of a robbery robert e lee monument from the park a white nationalist rally in august turned deadly in charlottesville when a man drove his car into a crowd of counter demonstrators killing one woman charlottesville police say saturday night's rally was brief without any disorders i'm michelle franzen abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on komo news i'm paul jackson and wherever delhi has been arrested on allegations of rape this happened in auburn after show friday night the woman accuses the rapper whose real name is cornell hayes of assaulting her on his tour bus what was in a parking lot of a local walmart police are you there was enough evidence to make an arrest emily was booked to the jail early saturday morning then released in a statement his attorney calls allegations completely fabricated and devoid of credibility deputies are questioning two teenagers about a brush fire the fred the neighborhood and graham investigators say the fourteen and fifteen euros haven't been arrested they live near the spot where the fire started friday afternoon now flames came within a few feet at the homes of matthew garcia darren inside there the fire families who.

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