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Addict it's a steve doll show you had the from that puppetshow s team america y'all everybody tells me this one of the funniest things of all time and i don't doubt it because i think matt stone and trade parker are very very funny guys lewis and i'd for some reason i never put it together to watch i don't get it too yeah somebody actually bought me the dvd and i still didn't watch it i don't know why exactly were joined that group of people and say you ought to watch watcher you'll load yeah yeah no i'm here near and there's there's isn't there a second water they're making a second why believe they are now well i will try to watch it i don't it's leg i it's 'cause they're puppets or something and there's something about the puppet networks it reminds me remember the old shows like fireball xl five thunderbirds are go thunderbirds a diver dan right with the armed movements have resorted says office that's kind of the charm of this thing though okay if you wanna see the centered intimate acrobatic intimate encounter between two puppet as the movie free of its early offensive it's a completely of sir okay i mean i've i always have like south park for many years i couldn't i didn't understand it because the audio to me was too muddled but they've definitely fix that manure audio is spot on nato i enjoy watching an book of mormon was a revelation to me yup about how you could just have some crazy idea as long as you could fitted into the the broadway musical four formula and you got a ton of fans out there it's going to make um so armed undone foreseen it i just haven't i i don't know i don't know what happens to me the puppet thing scares me away i think i think it's a crucial part of it so okay all right well i will definitely try and watch that maybe a over the over the weekend you perfect there is going to rain on on monday or tuesday i know we've had the weather on like every half hour showers ending by amid day monday okay and then a few thunderstorms possible tuesday okay according to the weather channel really don't appreciate i don't mind the rain most of the time i don't i.

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