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What makes them people impervious to adversity? What kind of superpower do they have that allows them to get up after a major hit and find the willpower to lick their wounds and come up fighting this week? Hugh Mark Rendall tell his story of being the odds and show us how we all have the power of resilience within us. Most people take action or don't take action based off what they think other people are gonNA think about them. And I'm going to hand you the golden ticket right here. The people are not thinking about you. They're thinking about themselves and they're thinking about what you're GonNa do and how that's GonNa make them look so when you really start to focus on why okay. You're doing what you're doing and what you want to deal with life and you stop thinking about what other people are thinking. which is themselves you can get really really intentional? And really really clear on what you WanNa do and you can live a life of purpose. Welcome to Papa. PhD With David Mendez. The podcast asked where we explore careers and life after Grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in the world of constantly evolving rules. I get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of the PhD. I'd really love you the audience to play an active role in the show. So if there's a theme you'd like to see covered on the show or if there's a guest you'd like me to interview head over to Anchor Dot FM for Slash Papa PhD and drop us a voice message to be featured on a future Peter Episode on the Buffet Peach website you can also subscribe to our newsletter and get our resource sheet at the bottom of every page and you can also leave us a written message in our contacts page. H welcome to the show. Mark Rendall is a licensed masters in social work and a licensed chemical dependency counselor. He's also a keynote speaker. A clinical interventionist author.

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