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That they are they might have devoted meet the amman nettie gear these are speed advice be there if up at night to give all then he said strengths he shouldn't be allowed to talk he's never fit an off long enough to play to make an impact and described one of the players as weak as an empty bottle is a great one and i was trap when he was managing fc hollywood there were called and uh because they had so many prima donnas to a kevin keegan at newcastle for he's got unders collar for he made some comments both teams not trying as hard against newcastle as they did against manchester united and this was his response on life tv when you do that report wallis like he said about leads a when you do things like the obama likes ju piss opt kept really quiet but i'll tell you something he went down in mice makes what he said that we have not resorted to that but i'll tell you he had tell him now be watching it we're still fight for this title and he's got to go to middlesbrough and get some finn and i i'll tell you honestly i will love it if we beat them move it and that that was this season where they were twelve points clear run christmas and i think that was the moment when the newcastle appears realize we're not going to win the frigate has a mess with our minds and this is this the cook good one for me a ron atkinson late 90s struggling to keep coventry city up in the league and he's been goaded by richard keyes of skysports after again they've lost but you have to show surely don't you a little bit more than that was evident tonight you might say that we don't think showing no richard punch sorry it can sit there and look play with only schily machines as much as you like a manager of pulse asia from experience manager.

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