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We're gonna make sure that the Mueller investigation can continue to get to the Maryland. Democratic congressman Steny Hoyer says protecting Robert Muller's Russia investigation should be a democratic priority in the new congress while Arizona Republican Senator Jeff flake says he'd like Cohen to testify before congress again is not not a good development. They lied to congress pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the Russia investigation. President Trump is now in Argentina for the g twenty summit spokesman for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tells ABC news that Trudeau President Trump and outgoing Mexican president and recap Pinon yet oh will sign a new NAFTA agreement tomorrow morning. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in parts of southern California where rains caused mudslides and wildfire devastated areas doing this backbreaking work digging out the lake filling sandbags in sandbagging Oliver home to helps preserve what remains flood waters in northern California. Have also prompted swift water rescues three Saint Louis police. Officers have been indicted for beating and undercover colleague in conspiring to cover it up with a fourth Justice department announced the indictment of the four police officers who were all suspended without pay Saint Louis police last year asked the FBI to investigate police actions during the protests these September two thousand. Seventeen acquittal of former white police officer Jason Stockley set off weeks of protests across St Louis Stockley had been found not guilty on the two thousand eleven shooting of a black suspect tent. Martin ABC news Saint Louis so World Health Organization says Congo's deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history behind the west Africa outbreak that killed thousands a few years ago. You're listening to ABC news. It's time to join the millions of people using Zil videoconferencing turn any size.

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