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Now the other party equation today donald trump had these councils what was manufacturing what was business strategy they are no more more of these up big time ceos were leaving based on they thought that donald trump was not bringing the country together at it become very divisive sought about 8 or 9 of left than trump the sipe the get in front of it any disbanded both from that is a damn shame that is a damn shame because captains of industry being able to get around the table to discuss how to further the economy going forward i love that when i saw some of these technology geniuses at the table saying we want to streamline government so that they don't spend like crazy and they could be a more efficient border effective i love that looks like this no more councils so that was the outcome of today and i am just going to stop myself there as i told you i went to auschwitz birkenau with the past i went to terrorism i have studied the whole a cost i was almost got the first fist fight my life with a whole a cost denier a again there is no quartering note daylight on these people at all let's segue if you do not get this shown you city go to garrick acom you could listen live or archive were life 606 pm eastern time monday through friday also gary k dot com you can follow me on twitter.

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