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Is fighters in their neighborhood that's part of president trump's tweets after he spoke with Turkish leader rate ship ever to one his country has agreed to take control of ISIS fighters being held prisoner by the U. S. in the area Republican senator Lindsey Graham usually a backer of Mr trump is a sounding the alarm on the fox and friends program I mean they're being score just as important Turkey is expected to attack Kurdish forces who it helps the United States and allies fight ISIS in Syria Bob Constantini the White House Democrats of subpoenaed documents from the White House and Pentagon over the withholding of aid from your crane and currents in the documents are needed to examine the sequence of events and the reasons behind the white house's decision to withhold aid which was later released the president trump lost the first round in his fight to prevent investigators in New York from seeing eight years of his tax return the seventy five page ruling judge Victor Marrero said the president's argument that he is immune from criminal investigation was repugnant to the nation's governmental structure and constitutional values the judge said that presidents their families and businesses are not above the law president trump's attorneys quickly started the appeal process and the second circuit court of appeals issued a temporary stay so that eight years of tax returns wouldn't have to be handed over to the Manhattan district attorney the DA is investigating hush money payments made to two women who claim they had affairs with the president Steve casting down your testers Taos New York city's famous charging bull stature with fake blood Monday as part of a protest against climate change group.

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