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So a high tech startup company is figuring out a way to preserve all of the information in your brain which will in a way make you live forever so the idea behind this project it's being put together by the company neck thome it's to preserve all the information by freezing the brain so that hundreds or thousands of years from now a future scientists can scan your brain and turn it into a computer simulation so your body you'll be gone of course but you'll be quote unquote living and playing out a new chapter of your life so they're like freeze drying your brain and just hoping that in the future it becomes worse than so the old paradigm was living forever and that just took shots or pill make your body yeah you live forever those eighties movies you're gonna live forever but now they of realized that you are what's in your brain all your experiences in your memories and going out cruising with prostitutes with wilt chamberlain i've never way after dot flank but not you that's in my head right now we don't need my forearm or my elbow or by my femur that now on by the way we use any host for that you know what i mean if we do need a host we'll just have a host for that but it's all that's going on here your entire life is memory that it's only only that and so if you preserve that and then you can somehow access that right so it's about first thing we have to do is we have to take the computer physic the physical hard drive and we can't throw it in the lake to kind of take it and store it.

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