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Well we're all about their annual tiger and i will say the dan daniel tiger very responsible job our every single day takes the issue up grownups will come back it's okay okay great check israel is sean nor phil rogers we are alerting others say it with our young singer it would be great if shaggy his voice was casey case wasn't it is that right marcia gay yet the day the threaten other can stay with the bernstein bears all um that it's spelled differently than you thought it was entire life you don't think oh my goodness that's the blows my mind no shane not e shaggy the singer's real name is orval burrell come on server you may or may be richard burrell is that why he shag maybe because shark hill was like a hormone that would be like this does he was nicknamed after shaggy we brought airlines will be brought here medical hour shaggy full circle more willing horrible naples shaggy is a short form of dick is like richard right it's like doesn't really make sense but maybe it or villa norville ab balaguer's ready to her if we ever there was ever present a named norville he'd he'd be be dick nixon right wow that's amazing those lots of faxon's epicenter yeah so much listening those we are just go done here but before we go a few rapid fire questions yes hi guys the san antonio spurs injury riddled season it did continue this week when rudy gabe blue of his left ear drum during monday night's game versus the grizzlies now thankfully ghiz eardrum injury was said be minor he didn't miss any time he played on thursday night against the warriors still very very strange i think we can agree with that they'll see that often in them and but i want to know what's the weirdest injury you've ever had tass or i broke my femur plenty softball biggest brought in the body between the hip in the knee only usually happens during car crashes are very high falls and i got to the hospital after several hours of not being looked at dr check me out sent me to an xray psychout must be a near an ankle and i said i don't think so and i came back out he said you broke your fever i said great let's get it off rounding third base.

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