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Hard-drive Mr Richard hard-drive good no and then nowadays things like your cell phones and most modern computers use something called Flash drives guy or I don't know how they work. Really solid state drive is the called is basically the same things like a flash drive <hes> and it doesn't have a disconnect at all. It's just like immediately can get information doesn't have to do any physical labor. It doesn't spend there's no mechanical arm arts then. How is it go into it? The sorry this is getting a little bit out of my league as far as pure -nology has basically the circuit board okay. You're the information's on a circuit board it sends electrodes out and it gathers information from the electrodes and then sends it back in so it's really fast the the point is like have you ever gotten on your Mac and you seem like Little Spinning Beach Ball. I do yeah really slow basically like on older machines like there was an arm that physically had to move and the discount to spend so so there used to be what fifty two are R._P._M.. Seventy seventy money to yes basically there's like how fast these things could spend the flashes. I like the John's makes so basically yeah on a smaller like laptop you can only have fifty fifty two hundred per minute. Okay RPM stands for but <hes> yeah so someone came up with the hey the problem is that it's mechanical and the arm eventually wears out just like the tires on your car right right okay or whatever you know after so much you know mylan yeah so basically they came up with flash storage whereas like there's no moving parts and so it's like very unlikely that it'll ever go out see okay so that's what you're films are using. That's why things he's got became so or have become so much smaller things like that yeah. Everything's like razor thin right because the same when you're talking about discs earlier A._O._l.. Disks so you'll notice on older laptops. They have a disk drive in them. They're thicker well one way. They made the laptops thinner like the Max. Take that Oh it's like and that was like I remember back in the day. That was like a hard that was a hard <hes> corner to turn like okay. I have to buy an a disk drive side yeah but I think that was right move because a lot of people can you put this on a C._d.. For me and I'm like the I can't but I have to go dust off jewel cases having a causing honestly though like like I I was kind of when I got my my macbook Air I was like oh I kinda wish duty drive but I've never needed to use it almost never need. Everything's streaming exactly and then also there's ways around it like Bluetooth like right airdrop drop something that's faster than emailing crazy but also with the memory thing I was just going to say I used to tell people this all the time so your computer kind of has just like human beings you have your short term memory under long term memory okay so like your long term term memory. It's like you remember family vacations but then you're short term memory is what do we have for lunch to tacos right so the computer computers are lot like humans in the sense that there's two kinds of memories. There's your long term memory which which is like your hard drive okay and that's where all your files or someone like when they used to like break their screen or something they'd be like oh I lost my files and like no you didn't. It's on the hard drive right okay but if you break your hard drive you're and bad trouble in Babylon yeah so <hes> but then there's also your short term memory and that's called Ram random access memory and basically what it is is. It's it's kind of like a going back to the flash analogy. It's basically you say hey computer. Give me on A._O._l.. And so the rim runs to the processor which is like the brain and says hey crunch all these numbers so I can get Daniel on A._O._l.. And it's running back and forth so the more more ram in the faster ram you have clicker it goes yeah so the more you can memorize instantly by on the spot. It's like you're short term memory and so that's how I used to explain to people that's a good that's exactly what one of my points was going to be so thank you. John and I liked Ram. When you said the rams running back and forth I envisioned a Ram The an animal and the thing too? I tell people this all the time and someone told us to me when I was first learning computers computers are a lot like human beings like like when you turn your computer on for the for like we're not for the first time maybe like the first time of the day or something if it takes forever for like chrome or something to load. It's like just imagine like if you and someone's like Hey Daniel unusually give me this thing and you're ah I need freezes locks. Give the thing five minutes the only thing I'm GONNA say disclaimer for non techy people out there is I have had to explains. A lot of people computers. Getting really hot is bad computers. Being really cold is actually good okay. It's true cooler. They are the better okay okay yeah so same with humans. If I get to high I don't function well. Maybe when you get really cold. It's not good either. It's better than having too hot though I don't think so I'd much rather be the main thing is for machinery. Cooler is better than hotter right. Okay let me that makes sense yeah so when you have like a thousand tabs open under safari. Your computer is going to be slow because it's using all of your memory here you Ram Charan Yeah but if you if you are nice to it and you have a just a few tabs open then you close them say save them to your favorites. I'm good on your home funding me. They keep tabs open. I don't know if you do that but I feel like you're the kind of person that would do well. I mean I could take this analogy really far because like like for example. I have a monitor her especial monitor that has of Graphics Card so that graphics card is doing like part of the workload right. I'm on the computer so it's Kinda like having a helper okay so when my laptop is plugged into this monitor it's just like take it runs fat physically and runs faster. I open tabs faster or anything like that because I had this extra helper right right okay good friend. I have a good friend prints. I'm sorry sorry sorry all right. Okay thank you. You're welcomes helped make computers make more sense. I mean I underst- I. I don't understand the like how it works but I understand that it works that way. No Yeah Okay Yeah. Okay <hes> Philip. Let's talk about Stanley Stanley rest in peace Stanley's awesome eleven and <hes> the little did you see did you see the release okay yeah they visit the little <hes> and it was very very touching and heartfelt. <hes> so Corey's dream came true actually came true. When does it happen happened after so corey where he said it was going to happen before okay and he was GonNa Happen Opening night so he was wrong about some things but the fact that he had a dream that there's going to be tribute to him is <hes> crazy <hes> but Stanley doesn't deserve for all the credit that's true? I think I do know this so like a guy well. There are two other guys to other main guys. Maybe three there was the third name that will have to look up here but <hes> there is <hes> Jack Kirby where in the King Kirby they see right there. You are a see that he's he's high <hes> Steve Dicko ditka okay see the and then there's there's another guy that worked with them named named John Rowe Mita Romina. I don't know him as well but John Guys Jack Curvy Jack Kirby and Steve Dicko so helped helped creates the marvel stuff in the sixties Stanley become the the the wall had well hold on. Let me give some stuff so I want to know the answers Daniel so around around the say created all the all these things the three of them created Spiderman avengers daredevil X. men four silver surfer all stuff around the eighties. I think Jack Kirby got fed up with marvel and the and maybe Stanley and Dick Oh I don't know <hes> so he went off to DC oh and <hes> right around this time. Marvel started kind of failing okay and D._C.. Started getting better start getting much better <hes> they came out with the new gods so that's we talked about our vaguely. Remember this Okay O.. Rien remember that Guy Okay so oh is around that time dark side which is basically the DC version of Thanos dark side was I is there etc I before Thanos so so you see you start to see kind of where like Kirby's the King Kirby kind of probably mainly had the good ideas and probably should get a lot he probably not probably he should get a lot more recognition than he does. He does get a lot of ranking for sure probably from the fan base but not from casual the fans just like oh Stanley's like the marvel right. You know like Jack Kirby's in there. It's kind of like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak errands thinks Apple Steve Jobs. It's like yeah but Steve Wozniak really in the beginning just really had a big yeah ause the wizard and then like Dead Co.. He helped <hes> here's huge spiderman was creating spiderman and all this stuff that go worthy disco that didn't make any sense the PETCO pets go go well anyways <hes> both Kirby and Dicko died before steinle. Oh Oh <hes> so Stanley Kinda just took inherited everything and he was kind of known as that win. The marvel cinematic universe started when they died. I will say so kind of in the same same ballpark. You're talking about so everyone thinks Bob. Kane invented Batman Yeah. There's another guy's name is escaping me right man. There's this no there's this fascinating absolutely fasting. This is on Amazon prime or is it who it's one of the WHO were they tell the story of like basically finger bilfinger basically helped co create Batman and for all these years almost the entire eighty years like he never got any credit had it or money and then and then finally this guy was on a mission to like get in there and so the Ben Affleck Batman. We'll probably one of the words Batman movies I remain they finally got his name in the credits and now family gets like money money money and stuff for any backlog money though no and you actually it's really sad like he died in his apartment alone finger. It's Kinda sad story <hes> but it's but it's cool because like his family has like an inheritance awesome stuff around because one of the things like when you investigate it. It's like Pretty Bob Games like I'm GONNA do Batman but bilfinger like drew his cave is coloring like all those basically the the character like no no today and and it's kind of one of those things again going back to the Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak analogy where it's like you. Yes you have these prominent figures who you identify with the company and Say Stanley marble you know see jobs apple Microsoft but there are these major role players all need to get like a lot of will recommend who's who's that other kid that helped start facebook and then he got screwed out of. Oh Yeah Soccer Berg started facing. Didn't you start with two other guys. Hey I think it was like two brothers and and then another another kid <hes> so yeah so comic books or cut through and also it's funny as we're talking about this dawn on me that <hes> we're actually learning a lot about humanity topics because like with computers with comics there's kind of like two of everything and like when you're talking about flash and a solid state. It's like same with comics. Everything has to names or there's like the Microsoft version of something and then there's like apple version of the and it's like the same in D._C.. There's like dark side. It's like D._C.. Came up with dark side I but since the MC US so massive Thanos dinners and a lot of like any common person can correct me if I'm wrong but a lot of great ideas D._C.. Did I and then marvel just made them better..

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