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When you're the top prospect coming out top quarterback show me the great team you're going to. We have this conversation with Borough We course of Pomerol Radio row with the bay. It almost never happens, right? I mean, who's you go? The Giants the worst team in football last four years. The Jaguar that freakin jaguars. I mean, Anybody who is worthy enough the Jets to trade out of the picture, and they go up there. It's going to be looking for a quarterback running like that. All you're going to when you're a top quarterback is dysfunction. It's your job to navigate out of the dysfunction and change that organization around and Trevor Lords. The competitor knows that he's gonna want to be a part of that. And his star power. He's gonna avoid the biggest city in the world New York City Because the Jets have maids Abed coaching hires the last couple years. There's no freaking chance that happens. Would you walk into the Jets if you were Trevor Laurence? Yes, I would. Absolutely, because I know Adam case isn't going to be the head coach and my options. What else of my options going, Toby? Gain their force betrayed. You can force the jets to trade that pick the competent organizations already have the quarterback's. There's so much dysfunction in the NFL. The Jets are just the magnitude of that because they're the flavor of the week this year. What happens if you forced to trade to the Vikings? That's a pretty good situation, wouldn't you say? Is it? I mean, they stink. The Vikings never go two Super Bowls, either. But the Vikings are way better situation than the Jets are. But Trevor Lords makes the Jets a great situation. They got a new head coach in there, and he's Trevor. Lords like he is the situation. But when they're not teenagers had it or Adam feel in a Dalvin cook is way different than what the Jets bring to the table for you. Well, the Jets are going to now have a ton of cap space. The top of my kneecaps reason the league They draft a quarterback like that without the pay him. You're telling me that situation Trevor Laurence doesn't created an attractive spot for may be a free agent wide receiver to want to go or something like that. I think that saying that the Jets are equal to any other quarterback situation is is definitely off. I mean, How about getting a trade to the Niners? Next year of corrupt was going? How about getting a trade to the Bears? I mean, there's plenty of other franchises than the Jets. You wanted a force of trade to what you're rattling off playoff teams. The chits are going to take the number one overall pick it traded for multiple ones will be picking in the twenties and then later. A recent Eli Manning trade work is because the next pick was one and fourth over roll. You're only going to make that trade with somebody who you're still going to be at the top end of the draft with and they're all dysfunctional. I mean, if you do you think Trevor Laurence is going to say Every situation is created equally in the NFL. I don't think that's true at all. We always say situations are totally different, but I think a lot of your situations are based on your head coach or coaching staff. Everything goes with it. This is going to be a clean new slate for the Jets. If you tell me, Adam Geisha is definitely coming back then. Maybe Trevor Laurence has a point. What about what about the Dallas Cowboys could be drifting in the top. You want to talk about this? But I mean, Trevor, Lord's going to douse having Ezekiel Elliott and three really good wide receiver is away different situation than going to the New York Jets. Okay, right. Yes, Maybe their offenses builds better. But there's already a coach that everybody says stinks. The coaching staff that can make adjustments and owner that can't stop doing radio hits every week. They aren't dysfunction. They are dysfunctional Quarterback of the House Cowboys. OK, I understand. I guess that's that's a possibility. You don't think being the quarterback of the Cowboys is better situation than the quarterback of the jet is not what I'm saying. I'm saying it's not not dysfunctional. It's still a major situation you're going into if he's going to avoid the Jets, dysfunction and the pressure of New York and that goes with it. What the heck is going on with the Cowboys? But I think you wanna go one hijacks my guest. It's also that it's threadbare is a roster is that there's no talent on the chests, right? They've clearly strip things down there in a rebuild they I just mentioned the most cap space in the NFL clearly to be picking a top of the rounds of the draft, a bunch of draft picks They can't figure this out. Like getting Trevor. Lord Change is that it makes guys want to come there. Trevor Laurence. It's not about like, OK, This is a great organization. Great franchise. I need to go be a part of that. No, no, You are the franchise. We've waited for you for three years. The NFL has you are the guy. That's the guy you build around that changes a franchise. Trevor Lords to anything else tells me he doesn't have the guts to be that guy. Well, he hasn't said he doesn't want to be part of that yet. We shot question his guys. Well, that's my point. I don't think he will say that because I think he will embrace and I really don't think overlords that kind of guy. I think saying all the right things while you're at Clemson and Chase initial championship doesn't over sudden, equal. Oh, my goodness. He doesn't want to be a jet, and that's where a lot of people took it and ran with it yesterday. Yes, I think that's a leap to say that automatically. Yesterday was about not wanting to be a jet. I agree he does have that He does have the days in the hole, though. If he does want to say you know what the situation Whatever it is, Jets or otherwise is not the situation. I want to go to. You can't come back to Clemson when we come back here on the show. We've got Cam Newton Audio where I just feel like this guy's mentally.

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