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I'll spend rest time. You can't come Now now. Yes. Help me see? The beauty. Sumatra, letting Nick turn in my cheek for the sake of this show. Now that you know this is my Life. I won't be sold with possible right catch it Go turning now. Giant yourself. What? Get me down and you get shit. Get down. On with Mario Lopez. Maya Pim, y'all Mara, Courtney Lopez, and we're getting close to having an actress for this Madonna bio pic on with Mario Lopez Hollywood bus. So the material girl wants the perfect actress to player on the big screen. We're hearing the role is now down to two people. Florence Pugh from Little women and mid summer good actress in Julia Garner from Ozark, who we Love. Oh, she's great. I don't know the other one and all fairness, but Julia Garner's great She looks like young Justin Timberlake. She does. Oh, my God, That's so funny. Just the hair there. Well, Madonna is going to direct the movie herself. The script is from Diablo Cody. Who did you know and young adult? Wow, I wonder if they're going to encompass her whole life because she lived a very long full life or just go with like an excerpt from the material Girl years or something. Let.

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