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Mentions in Mark Chapter two verse 26. So Is Jesus reference to Abaya Thor a contradiction. I don't think so. By mentioning Abaya Thar Jesus is referencing not just the scene, but the whole story. And he's doing it to draw a comparison between King David And himself, and here's the comparison. And David God, the true King. Chose a human king to represent God to the people, but the king goes through a time of suffering. A time when people contradicted His kingship. And the people who were loyal to their kings suffered alongside their king. When the bio Thor is whole family was killed, he ran to his king. He found sanctuary in his king and the King said to him in first Samuel chapter 22 verse 23. Stay with me. Don't be afraid. The one who seeks my life seeks your life. You'll be safe with me. And David God. The true King chose a human king. But in Jesus God. The true King became the human king. And he called people follow me. And in the time of his suffering, those who are loyal to their king will suffer the contradictions with their king. So Jesus promises us. Stay with me. You will be safe with me. See When you open yourself up to hearing the backstory behind the apparent contradiction. You may encounter with the Bible is all about It's not a book of rules. It's not a registry of names. It's a story about the God who loves his people and wants to stay with them. And in Jesus. God has come to stay. Is counter to sit at the table. And relax with them to share a meal into Be with them. To be with you. To be with me. Forgot to stay with us. It's going to be Complicated. Plot. Because we are contradictory lot. Hartley. I don't know about you, but I Him full. Of contradictions. And my life is full of contradictions. And the list would be way longer than five pages. One moment I'm affair, See, And I think I'm better than everybody else. And then the next moment, I'm a sinner. And I wish that I could be someone else. Over here. I'm amazed at how good I am. But over there I am shocked at how petty and selfish And sick. I am I just want to be loved. But I know that I'm not worthy of love. I am a walking contradiction. And I think you are too As were the people who rejected God's king. As were the people who crucified Jesus. We are full of contradictions. And yet God loves us anyhow. He wants to stay with us. See, this is the back story behind the Bible's apparent contradictions. God. Act in a way that seems contradictory because he is ah, Holy God, who wants to stay with unholy people? And so he breaks down to build up. He threatens. So that he can make a promise he kills. So that he can make alive. So Jesus became the chosen king, who is rejected for us. Jesus is the king of kings, who became the servant and the slave for us. God who cannot die became a human being to die and offer his life is the sacrifice. For us. And then Jesus did the most contradictory thing of all. He took a shameful death. Which is the end of us all. And he made a new beginning. For all Now he is alive. And if you listen to his backstory You can still hear him say David's words to abaya, Thor. Stay with me. You'll be safe with me. That's the story behind the Apparent contradictions of the Bible God Appears contradictory because he's loving us through. Are contradictions. And I admit it is a complicated story. A convoluted story. Sometimes it confusing story and I don't always understand it. But it's a realistic story. It's not only a story that's true, but it's a story that's true to life. And if the Bible where anything less That would be the contradiction. Would you pray with me? Father God. We thank you for welcoming us into your presence. You need nothing. You lack nothing. You have everything and it seems absurd that you would welcome us. With all our contradictions into your presence. So we thank you. We praise you. We hide ourselves in you through Jesus Christ, Your son, our king who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit. One God! Now and forever. Amen. Yeah. Yeah. You're listening to the Lutheran hour. For free. Online resource is archived Audio are mobile app and mortgage. Oh, to Lutheran, our dot warg. Now back to our speaker, Dr Michael Zigler. Thank you, Mark. Visiting with Dr.

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