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Two hundred thirty five dead in egypt moscow's zack jack callahan fox news it's the worst terror attack in egypt's history rocketpropelled grenades fired into a mosque in the northern sinai peninsula worshippers who minutes earlier had been gathered for friday prayers when explosives went off forcing them to flee witnesses say the crowd was raked with gunfire was people try to escape ambulances tried to reach the injured but earlier efforts to do so grocer met with a hail of bullets dominic why cord of our sister network sky news who reports there was no claim of responsibility yet but an isis affiliate is widely suspected police in london thought they were dealing with a terror attack on friday people began fleeing the oxford circus area in downtown london after reports of gunfire but after a massive police response they found no evidence of any shooter the all clear was given in the republic of georgia fire races through a luxury resorts along the black sea eleven people killed more than twenty others injured all across the us those shopping season has begun millions braving the crowds in search of bargains the yearly tradition i love that pakistan late friday was tom you tvs module's those jobs being known as always a broke after the lose also was scuffled reported between shoppers when a ball at birmingham alabama at outside st louis the ball had closed briefly after demonstrators clashed with police macy's reported problems processing credit cards and gift cards for its.

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