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Traffic wise in Indiana. You know, through the night we had several flight office on the interstate system, especially keeping our troopers busy. They weren't. Fortunately, they weren't overwhelmed and we did not have any Major crashes last night. So we're thankful for that. That is Carrie Halls with Indiana State police. The Hoosier State saw generally larger snowfall totals than what came down here in Cincinnati, All South East Indiana counties. Arnaout Orange meeting Only drive, if you have to. Dearborn County, however, is the exception. It's down to yellow, meaning drivers should just use caution the same warning out in Hamilton County. It drop to level one around noon today, although road crews are still working to clear streets As you know, I wouldn't recommend people driving, you know, stay at home. If you can, um, you know, gives Cruz even more room to work. It's just gonna be Ah, grind for us to, you know, stay out there and And you know, sometimes Mother Nature wins, and she's definitely been given us. She's got this week that is Jared Bolden with the city of Cincinnati. He says Public service workers are expecting a long week with bitter cold setting in today, and then Maura's snow to come before the week is out now the latest traffic and weather together. From the UC Health Traffic Center. You see health positions are recognized among the world's experts in chronic sinusitis contact. You see, healthier nose and throat for relief. Highways appear clear but be cautious. Still slick spots out there due to the cold Temps. Still quite a few side streets that are unplowed and much lighter amount of traffic on the highways right now, still a good idea to stay home and accident nor 75 approaching hop bullets in the second lane from the left. And other vehicles on the right shoulder. Traffic slows toward Harrison I'm Rob Williams news radio 700 WLW, now the latest forecast from the Advanced Industry Weather Center as we adjust to the new normal in.

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