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But online, where the game starts again promo code CL Ennis 50. So moving on on a lighter note, there are better note I guess. In the win against Montreal on Sunday Night, it was Charlie night. Just Charlie what's going on? It was Charlie knight. I loved Connor's tweet of Charlie Moore trying to get on the ice. Log a goal, Charlie, more science, my checks, okay? So we stand Charlie Moore. We stand Charlie Moore. But anyways, coil scoring a goal, I know scored one off his head, but he had a really nice his second goal was awesome, came in, lifted the stick went in, put a top corner. Mcavoy had two really good goals. And I think the encouraging thing about this is people other than the top line score on goals. Which is what this team needs, right? We've said all off season. We say it now. Depth is going to be what kind of carries this team. That's what's going to separate. That's what's going to make it a good team. What do you see with that middle 6? Do you see signs that they are coming out and starting to get some better chances? I'll say, yes, because it's also relatively incomplete too. I mean, their lines make of them what you will the last few games because they're third and fourth lines were basically interchangeable with injuries, but that second line isn't entirely the group they wanted to roll with. The fact that they're getting any sort of life from contributors other than Patrice Berger on Brad Marshawn and David poster knock is encouraging. At the same time, I think Charlie mcavoy's on like a 70 point pace, so at what point do you consider him a secondary score versus a primary score? We're getting to the point where you almost expect him to be a near point per game player. Three quarters of a point per game player. The fact that Charlie Coyle is scoring, I think is very promising because Taylor hall will eventually break through. Craig Smith when he's healthy, will eventually break through. Guy throws so many pucks at the net. I mean, raw averages. A puck is gonna go down. The Charlie Coyle thing is, it's just nice to see him be assertive. That's more so what I look for with Charlie Coyle than anything. And that's what we get on my nerves watching David crate she is like, he had a good shot. When he was willing to use it, it was good. And if I were a bruins fan, my biggest worry with Coyle would be is.

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