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Washington. Redskin's game point nine six thirty. A Cumulus station. WMA L news at ten thirty. I'm Heather Curtis. An American pastor is heading to DC today after spending two years in Turkish custody on terrorism charges President Donald Trump says pastor Andrew Brunson release is good news. We spoke to Turkey, and he went through a system, and we got him out. They've been trying to get them out for a long time. Turkey's government freed the North Carolina native yesterday after his convicted on terrorism charges, and the president says there will be severe punishment if Washington Post columnist Jamal Kushtia she was killed as alleged. He hasn't been seen since entering a Saudi consulate in Istanbul more than a week ago. There's a lot at stake and. Especially so because this man was a reporter his something you'll be surprised to hear me say that there's something really terrible and disgusting about that. If that were the case, so we're gonna have to see we're going to get to the bottom of the president's speaking on CBS is sixty minutes. Meanwhile, the Saudi Interior Minister says today what's been circulating about orders to kill Cassese or lies and baseless allegations. What was supposed to be a fun day at the colpepper era. Fast ends in tragedy. Last night a pilot died after a plane doing robotics crashed according to Virginia state police charges are pending against a man Montgomery County. Police say through pots, pans and hop debris officers and firefighters trying to get them out of a burning home man's girlfriend called nine one one Thursday around five thirty saying her boyfriend was likely drunk became destructive and set the kitchen on fire. The man was arrested Thursday in the fire. Marshal says the fire was set intention. Really, traffic and weather next on WMA L,.

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