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It has changed. It does change quite a lot and certainly It depends on the context because there's the focus towards amongst as well as when he's on retreat john grove and teaching now or just at the nollamara center or here it amadeo group There is always a bit of a reflection of a need and sometimes meditation teacher at sometimes important to be able to kind of be sensitive to that need. What does the audience need the people who are sitting. Because it doesn't necessarily have to not only be what i need. It's more sort of as as what can i give. What can we use to make a very positive and beneficial meditation for everyone and because realistically the world has changed i for last two years and this shift. We've come too far more this justice. Calm the settling down. Not so much sort of this this formal traditional style but more into this kind of this. just relax. just calm down. We need to you know. Put the brakes on a little. Bit and breathe for little bit cipher. John on one level the the level of meta practice that he's put in has still continued but it's become more softer and more real because we now live in a time which is with covered and political situations and everything else that have been going on around the world it it we need it more than ever. So the difficulty is is just sticking with one kind of thing and just repeating over and over and over quite honestly we can just do one guided meditation. And then you'd never have to see us again you can just replay that over and over some might think. That's a great idea if you're if you want to get away from teaching but it's a very style instead of doing it because it just loses its efficacy and value because what you find is. Donna teaches meditation teachers always pointing to what their students need now. What the context and the culture needs because always pull towards middle way. I've mentioned this before but you look at some traditions whether it's very inter- strong interest in the supernatural in superstitions and things like that but there's a strong pull in the way. They teach buddhism for debate rational thoughts investigation meanwhile other traditions which are very academic very scholastic very dry and they say put away your books and just sit and then in our culture where we have such a need for this discount just to be able to find ourselves once again. That's what we go for because it's always trying to pull back to this middle way so we can get to that point that weaking then progress in the meditation and it becomes such great value. That's essentially why there's so many different traditions. So many different styles You compare all the different traditions of buddhism that are out there in the world and they're all very different but when you start to see what is the teacher actually pulling this towards what is what does that teacher addressing. What does he or she seeing that students need. And then all of a sudden it makes sense and the problem is of course. Buddhism can be a bit of a problem is that we just try encapsulated in a bit of a time bobble and it doesn't become real anymore so with algebra in particular he said and he's adapting and he's adapted a lot more with the coyotes situation and everything else and we'll continue to a debt so i don't know if that helps.

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