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This is not a hip indie like seen anymore anymore. You know, now, this is this is a money maker, as a place to like, you know, see to see in B seen. Yeah. I think I would imagine that it, you know, corporations and brands coopting experience. Yeah. Because because everyone is so glued to their phones. Nowadays. Guess majority of people aren't really living that things like Sundance Coachella that start out cool, but they're like, well, it's finally people getting out. So let's turn them into a NASCAR like throw our emblem on their back. Yeah. Or there, I went there in did. Oh, two or three in a row. 'cause I was there for saved also. And then didn't go back into like, oh, eight and then. It was like back, then at least I actually go to the pizza place and have a piece of pizza and p fine. I remember the last hours there it was just it was like a tourist attraction that was thing there was a lot of people that are that were there for the festival. They're kind of like star watch and things like that. And it was like, really, really uncomfortable. Like I after after that I didn't like she leaves the house other than to the movie, I was supposed to go to and that was it, and it was like even like I told my manager, and I told everybody, I'm never going to film festival ever. Again. It's, it's, it's sort of film festival anymore. Looking it's, it's a Disney version of it. It's like a you go to Disneyland. They have bourbon street. It's like, yeah, it's kinda like you know, there's bourbon street New Orleans. And then there's Disney bourbon street looking at. And so this has become like Disney version of Sundance, you know, because I mean I went there nineteen eighty eight or something like that for a lab that kind of thing. So it's like yeah. So it'd be like, yeah, I remember when it was like, literally just a couple of handful of people. And you know. Like I was a resident kid. So any people like people like shooting short films? Kid, like, boom, there, I was like, you know, like the to help young filmmakers and tell young actors and so, like the labs are really, really cool. But yeah. Like they don't. So it's like yeah. Twenty years later. I'm a fuck this I'm never coming back again. You know, and I haven't I've no intention to look, you know, I don't even care if I have a movie there, I'm totally cool with never going to Sundance again. I remember I my first movie I think it was when I saw party monster I was sixteen movie spun, which was, yes. Mickey Rourke and, and I had like a very little part in it. And it was like one of the midnight showing so wasn't, you know, technically in the festival, and I remember thinking I never wanna come back here, unless I have something I'm proud of like, and it wasn't that I wasn't proud of it was like I wanna I know I can feel what it is to be the toast of the town here, and I wanna feel that. Yeah. And, and then mean creek which I was incredibly proud of I think. There was like, I think I was doing Drake and Josh ex-. Excellent you were actually really excellent in that was that was a lot of fun. Look at. I mean you were such a fucking dick in that it's great situ bastard. I couldn't wait till you fucking die. Yes. Guys. Fifteen years old, whatever I mean, and it's one of those beautifully like, and I'm sure you've had this experience to where you're like, wow, was me and Rory and Trevor and Carly in these people, and then also three hundred grand and us in Oregon, you coming for a week to take care of Rory. To be guardian for once. I know I know so weird responsibility. No, I hung out with all the other like the stage. Moms for second. Yeah. And they're like, really you happy for me to be there like I'm gonna go hang out over here now. This is intense. Yeah. And I just wanted to try to play the part of a stage mom for a second. I was like, like cool, looking at, oh, that's terrifying. Yeah, I wanted I wanted to see how the other half lived a little bit..

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