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You go out. And it's not if it's hard and you just for a second. You absorb all that. I love that. But, boy, you gotta be careful. So I got I'm so do for dermatologist appointment. Okay, That's next. That's next. Do you do the traffic and I'll call you make a call. And by the way, I just had blood work. And everything's fine. So you know, give you the update on my blood work. Everything good, But you've got to get the blood work. You gotta go. Yeah, I swear to you at this. Oh, my Lord. Hey, Joe, On the radio Debs on the roads 87797 29 99. If your doctor please call Okay, call us. We need advice. 22 am nice seventies years. Thanks that Thanks, Joe. Let's see what's happening on the path trains. We're seeing delays right now In the past trains that journal Square. God's down through Hoboken. It's all due to some ongoing issues with some signal problems out at Christopher Street. Now, if you're going to be heading over to the subways, Brooklyn bound to and five trains running with delays with ongoing signal problems inbound gwb looks okay. Outbound upper. We're getting reports of an accident, though, so it's really busy on the Frost Bronx Expressway heading West. The out toward the G W B. There's an accident by the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and then on the outbound G W B. Have that accident there as well. Expect delays on the prospect hitting up toward the Galanis. An accident with injuries reported over there, and the Coton Clearview is still closed. Heading down toward the Grand Central. It's all due to an accident investigation that one involving a tractor trailer Staten Island Expressway, East Senate Highland Boulevard. Collision.

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