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Technologies Advisors are here to help businesses working remotely get the right tech solutions from unparalleled collaboration with Windows 10 on Microsoft teams to special financing offers for small businesses to help preserve cash flow with Del Financial services. Call 877 Ask Del I'm Devin Leary and I'm Carolina Barlow. And we have lost so much to our failed romantic relationships or talking time money. Mental health capacity. Close Starbucks rewards points. Insurance premiums, dignity, even a flat screen TV. Now we're making advertisers pay us to record podcast episodes about it. Because fair is fair, folks I heart radio is number one for podcasts, and it's easy to see why find true romance on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts trust studios wks cfm Chicago 1035 kisses on my heart radio station. Here's Fred and Angie was talking about how I, uh I take a two hour nap on Saturday. I can't walk for three days after that, like that's how I live. My life is lit. I must have done something else. Like I must have done something. You're back. Yeah, and then just reared its head having like a crazy dream, and we're doing some weird stuff at I guess, Lou your own back out about that. Hey, hey, when you're single, and you're alone, and you get off the dating apps again, you know, you like to mingle with yourself. Well, then you've got to make it count, you know, And sometimes it's easier When you're by yourself..

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