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And founder president and ceo of conservation visions you've got a compelling slogan i picked up and reading some background materials you call it and you alluded to this one natural world one humanity one chance conservation matters elaborate on that a little bit we have come to understand that the globe really is contained entity the amazing advances in space travel and so on have given us the incredible photos of this one blue orb spinning on its axis we no longer have to doubt whether the world is flatter around we know we settled that debate so we know that we have this you know this this this one glow and when we look at you manatee today and we see the amount of interchange between races and cultures and so on as the world becomes globalized we really do come to understand the the depth of sharing in terms of values and principles that good people have everywhere and so uh it is very clear as one looks at this globe and look says one walks through an airport and cease all the different nationalities and races of people moving about the world that we really are in this together because there was nowhere else for us to go um and so that's the idea of one humanity and of course um you know uh one chance well you know we now are rising to the eight billion mark in terms of our numbers we will go to nine and many believe that we will actually reach this extraordinary number of 10 and if you can imagine what just here in a country as wealthy would you know with as much which is healthy and environment as you have in as much opportunity is this country has and as few people as it has relative to the landbased if you can imagine even the kinds of pressures that are going to come to this country if we reach the nine and ten billion people i think we can all have some vague idea at least of just the pressures that are gonna come on other parts of the world where you in populations are already extremely dense and wherever you meant populations are extremely dense and particularly winds to to sion's don't work as well as they might we see a major uh taking of wildlife and then engagements with wildlife either through.

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