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Up five tenths of one percent of eight dollars an ounce of seventeen of thirty five again recapping here we've got the Dow the S. and P. lower nasdaq is are just getting the weekly brick count numbers out of Baker Hughes closely watched by a lot of people in the energy industry rig count down by twenty one to three hundred eighteen in the latest week again according to Baker Hughes today's big economic story coronavirus shutdowns lead to job losses in every American state in April Michigan Vermont New York suffered the greatest losses unemployment in forty three states rose to the highest on records back to nineteen seventy six Nevada's jobless rate reached twenty eight point two percent while a while he said twenty two point three percent both states rely heavily on tourism earnings nvidia shares rallied three point one percent but in the other direction Hewlett Packard enterprise plunging eleven percent recapping S. and P. lower now by a point little changed the Dow down eighty six nasdaq up seventy I'm Charlie color that is a Bloomberg business slash everybody I'm an enemy and that's when the war against virus the world of politics the world is the health and well being and the lives of the American people we are most people the American people balance of power with the west Bloomberg radio China throws down the gauntlet on Hong Kong president trump continues to take a controversial drug rather than.

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