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In kind of impeachment news. Russian military. Hackers are added again having hacked into the Ukrainian gas company. Barista that used to employ. Oy Hunter Biden. The New York Times reported that the hacking attempts started in early November around the same time that trump's shady dealings in Ukraine were dominating the news experts. Say the timing implies that hackers were trying to find something potentially embarrassing about the Biden's in the use the same tactics Russians used to hack the account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman. John Podesta in in two thousand. Sixteen if it ain't broke don't fix. This is not bode well for a totally fair fighting twenty twenty and it's a good reminder that your password should be hard to guess like mine which is Cowabunga Gideon Five Thousand Shit Man Cowabunga idiot more like okay period. Underwear Company thinks once sold us on a dream of a post tampon world where we could free bleed like Vikings without any cares at all. Well now it seems like that dream could be built on a bed of toxic chemicals that thinks store dangerously close to the origin of all human life. You ooh yeah. A recent test of underwear found significant amounts of polly Floro alkyl substances or chemicals that have previously been linked to cancer and fertility. Sleep problems p fasts are using waterproofing and stain resistant finishes which kind of explains how they might have ended up in things but definitely doesn't make it good smart or okay For their part things contested the report and provided lab results of their own showing no detectable fast. Td what is fact. And what's fiction in in this mystery of the futuristic pennies a horny ass tortoise who almost single handedly saved two species by fathering eight hundred offspring on Espanola island in the Galapagos. Ghost has retired from having sex all the time. Diego which is the correct name for an extremely horny. Tort was brought from San Diego Zoo to Espanola in nineteen seventy six six when the island was home to just over a dozen tortoises having bred in captivity since then and helped the population grow to two thousand. He's now ready to be released into the wild. Where presumably memorably? He'll start selling news on his fans and become a millionaire. Good luck to use Yego. You're over one hundred years old The Oscar nominees came out yesterday morning. And we WANNA yell about it. Every major category was predictable. Joker is the most nominated film so I guess winding through. Every stage of the press tour was a winning strategy for Director Todd Phillips Eh Netflix with marriage story and the Irishman leading to their twenty four nominations. which is the most of any media company this year? Spielberg is sitting in his car crying on the phone with his manager There was no love for giant Co Jaylo. The farewell was completely left out Greta. Gerwig women adaptations next several knobs but glaringly not a best director nomination which begs the question. Did little women direct itself themselves like happens. The only black person in a major acting category is flying a slave. Because I guess that's that's the only way the academy is comfortable with diversity. Who and was the salmon snubbed? Bronco Gems yes. He was did his online excitement for Kathy Bates. His mom in the water boy and best supporting actress nominee warm our hearts also. Yes to since. Adam Sandler famously said that if he didn't get an Oscar nomination for this film that he'd make the worst movie in history. We have a suggestion for arm. A Feature Film Adaptation of the Twenty Twenty Oscars sure. There's no green book but it still looks to be a real snooze fest and those are the headlines. That's all for today. If you like the show make sure you subscribe leave. Review give us a rating trade us a commemorative coin. And tell your friends to listen by the way. If you're into reading and not just airline safety manuals like me. What a day is also on nightly newsletter check it out and subscribe at crooked dot com slash subscribe ign Akilah Hughes? I'm getting resnick and Matt. How you Rosen Award Show Phillips you done you done hidden hidden? What a day is a product of crooked media it's recorded and mixed by Charlotte that Landis selling a ton is our assistant producer or head writer? Is John Milstein in our senior producer is Katie Log our theme music by calling Gilead and his shock.

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